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Full birth name: Tulasha(no surname, she grew up without one because of Bhutanese culture)
Do they still go by that name? If not, alias: Tulasha Tieyung(she gave herself a surname to fit in)
Other nickname(s)/petname(s): Tulip(a nickname she gave herself because some said her name reminded her of Tulip – they say it’s easier to address her with and so she goes by that name)

Gender/sex: Female
Race/species: Asian, human
Primary ethnic origin: Tibetan-Chinese-Bhutanese
Age(+ birth date): 19, she was born on April 9th(Aries)
Hometown/place of birth: Thimphu, Bhutan
Location/place of residence: Meriden(CT), United States
Occupation, rank and class: She’s studying to become a therapist, but she currently works part-time as a waitress at a very popular Chinese restaurant – she is working-class, but she has enough to attend college, get food and other necessities

Height: 5 feet
Weight: 96-101 pounds depending(unhealthy for her age and height)
Eye color(s): Umber brown
Do they use contacts? No
Do they use glasses? No
Facial shape: Round/circle
Describe their eyes: Monolid, almond-shaped, very dark-colored
Describe their nose: Snub – very small, some people pick on her for it
Describe their lips: Rather thin, a pale salmon color
Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Slim, but she has a good muscle structure due to daily exercise
Body abnormalities: None, her body is regular
Extra anatomy: None, her anatomy is ordinary
Hair color(s): Jet-black, with a brownish tint
Hair length: Mid-back length, long
Hair style: Straight(some say it’s boring, though, and she hates it), with minor side-bangs
Skin color: Creamy, with a warmer tint to it
Do they have vitiligo? No
Do they have acne? Not very frequently
Do they have freckles? Yes, a light amount
Visible scars: Her father stabbed her in the left arm with a butcher’s knife when she first started working at her family’s butcher shop(he apologized, and they were able to lie about the cause of the wound when they got her stitches)
Birthmarks/moles: One mole above her belly button, a birthmark on her right shoulder, another birthmark above her left ankle, and two or three birthmarks scattered along her chest
Tattoos/markings: None, tattoos don’t really interest her that much
Piercings/earrings: None, her ears aren’t even pierced
Physical description: Tulasha is very slim, her figure is almost unhealthy-appearing which makes her a main target for bullying. Her skin is warm and creamy, but she tans lightly during the summer time – if she has interest in getting one. Her hair is long, and jet-black – her eyes are a dull brown, her eyebrows are medium-thin. She has a couple birthmarks, but her most prominent blemish would be the mole above her belly button. Her lips are thin and salmon-pink, her nose is very small(another thing people bully her for), and her eyes are a lovely almond-shaped monolid. Her cup size is C, she is 5 feet approximately, and her weight varies often but never exceeds 106 pounds and never goes under 95

Mental state: Sane
Behavioral description: She has an anxious and impatient bundle of mannerisms at first, but she simply deals with a social anxiety issue that isn’t very severe. Overall, her mannerisms are polite and formal, but always have a mellow joy to them – unless she’s in a hyper mood(in which, her aura would be anxious and contagious to those around her), her behavior is ordinary – if not more happy than others
Personality description: All Tulasha really wants is to positively impact the world and accomplish her goals. Tulasha is goal-oriented, which many see to be selfish at first – but Tulasha relies on the positive opinions on those around her in order to function correctly. Being dependent on others’ praise, she tends to be a bit of a bragger when she has something to brag about but quickly stops if she feels like she’s annoying others too much. Tulasha’s self-esteem is in the middle, but she has extreme highs when she is around people she loves/admires
Most prominent persona traits: Her contagious emotions, her optimism, her ambitiousness
Most positive persona traits: Ambitious, happy/optimistic, honest, approachable, formal/polite
Most negative persona traits: Dependent on praise, goody-two-shoes, zoned-out, sensitive, stubborn

Current faith(religion): Buddhist
Current superstitions/quirks: She believes that different types of kisses bring different types of fortune(forehead = a clear mind and good thoughts, cheek = good encounters, nose-to-nose = good resources, lips = good luck in general)
Overall, moral alignment: Lawful good
Marital status/relationship status: Single
Good/positive habits: Optimistic thinking, steering clear of judging others, washing her hands frequently enough but not too much
Bad/negative habits: Biting her nails(when she’s anxious or bored, it’s just something she does), considering everyone of high authority, completely avoiding rough subjects
Abilities(magical): None, she isn’t a fantasy/supernatural/magical character
Special skills(not magical): Languages(She fluently speaks Dzongkha and Hindi, intermediate in English, and advanced in Chinese), cooking(she has a diverse amount of dishes she’s mastered), playing the acoustic guitar(she knows a lot of songs, and she’s even made some of her own), singing(her voice is pretty good, though with lessons she could improve), songwriting(due to her knowledge in languages, she’s good with rhyming and matching words, she’s written a song or two without publishing it)
Special hobbies: Playing the guitar, listening to music, cooking, songwriting, foreign language learning, jogging, sketching random patterns(she does this when she’s bored)

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