Original Characters

The Human That Escaped Hell

Name: Derek [R/E/D/A/C/T/E/D]

Age: 18-20

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Race: Evolved Human

Occupation: Demon Slayer

Current place of residence: Unknown

Voice type: Sounds like Nero from DMC5 but a biiiit deeper

Quirks, strange mannerisms, and/or annoying habits: 

Education level: High

Hierarchy/social standing: Low (Keeps as low profile as possible)

Hair color and type:

Eye color: Brown (Orange/Yellow when powers are active)

Skin tone: 

Scars or physical deformities: Various scars from torture

Mental illnesses: PTSD

Height: 6’0

Weight: N/A

Body type: Slim but well built

Favorite color: Grey

Favorite food: Peperoni Pizza

Likes: Quince (Respects him), killing demons, Fighting Angels

Dislikes: Demons, Angels, Getting caught, Healing

Religious Preference: None


Magically Enhanced Physiology: Due to the countless years he has spent in hell at one point his body began to absorb the evil destructive essence of the place and has had his entire physiology completely enhanced with it to supernatural levels.


Demonic Magic: With his absorption of Demonic and Destructive energy he gained the ability to use demonic and destructive magic in certain ways


Chaos Magic: He can only use the energy aspect of this ability. Using Chaos energy blasts, Shields, Beams ect.


Destruction Magic: Is able to utilize various forms of destructive magic


Demonic Energy Absorption: Derek Is able to absorb all energy except for Holy or divine


Destructive energy combat: He is able to utilize Destructive Energy with his physical combat skill, channeling energy through parts of his bodies or use the energy for offensive purposes


Shadow Mutilation: Can summon these shadow tendrils about 1-5 that can be used for piercing or restriction.


Demonic Aura: Is able to conjure up an aura of demonic energy which gives him a menacing presence


Accelerated Perception: Allows him to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly.


Power Detection: With his supernatural eyesight he can sense the presence of supernatural powers and beings


Supernatural Vision: Has sense of sight that is unnaturally more acute than other beings. Allowing him to see kilometers away, see in the dark, see the faintest distinctions, and track things too fast for the normal eye.


Night Vision: He has the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness


Glowing eyes: Eyes glow an Orange/Yellow color when his powers are active, which is why he tends to keep his head down in order to keep them hidden


Supernatural Condition (Type II): With his adaption to the Hellscape his body and mind were enhanced to supernatural levels. He strong enough to lift large aircraft and destroy the toughest metals, fast enough to easily move at hypersonic speeds, and is durable enough to take powerful explosions.


Archetype: Trickster: He was known through hell to trick his torturers every single time, he even used his ability to trick and lie to get free


Archetype: Horror Survivor: His title “The Human Who Escaped Hell” should be obvious. He has survived the dangers of Hell coming out and in time healing physically and mentally


Self-Resurrection & Healing Factor: He is able to revive himself upon death either instantly or after some time when it comes to more fatal wounds, with smaller/lesser wounds healing in just seconds. (Healing Factor type II)


Supernatural Survivability: He is able to survive massive and even horrific injuries or damage, or almost any level of danger, conditions or circumstances before succumbing to its effects.


Fire Resistance: He is nearly immune to the effects of Hellfire and regular fire


Grand: Mark of Nazroth: The mark of Nazroth is a tattoo stolen from the Demon of Destruction himself and by a mortal none the less…but other than that Derek can use the mark in various ways, Absorbing energy, Flight, and a truly menacing aura

Mark Appearance: Ignore Kawaki

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Tranquil Fear

Indomitable Will

Indomitable Rage

Escape Artistry


Combat Perception

Paranormal Expertise (Demons)

Demonology Intuition



Holy magic

Holy elements

Holy Weaponry

His hatred/fear for Demons

Family: Unknown

Pets: None

Role model: None

Fears: Getting caught and Demons


Escape Hell (Succeeded)

Figure out his past (On-Going)

Keep his identity secret (On-Going)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationships/Love interests: None

Allies: Pretty much anyone who doesn’t want him dead or in hell

Enemies: The Entirety of Hell

Sexual partners: None

Hobbies and interests:


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