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The Chronicles of the Magical Programmer: FAQ

Q: Who are the Grimstone Family?


A: In Magnus’s world, the Grimstone Family is the most powerful magical house.  They are descended from the First Mage to ever exist and rather than specializing in a single type of magic like most noble houses such as the house of Pyris who focus on fire magic. They are generalists and have each of their heirs focus on several magic but with one they rule supreme.


They are often born with extraordinary talents such as Magic Intuition which is the most common talent inherited. This natural instinct for Magic allows them to perceive and understand magic like no other and learn and master virtually any spell and school of magic with outstanding ease.The Grimstone family have members who have defeated terrifyingly powerful entities and entire supernatural armies with little to no effort, often bounding them to service in the aftermath, forging unprecedented empires based on superior magical systems of their own design, and eventually ruling entire worlds of their own making, second only to genuine deities.


They are often known as Spell Keepers due to the fact that the only spells not in their possessions are spells which are kept with only one person or foreign from their reality. In the Grimstone Vault, there are millions upon millions of spells which are recorded and hundreds of spells made everyday. Secretly, people call them Spell Thieves which is a derogatory term as it implies that they steal due to not being able to make spells of their own.


Q: Who are the Griswold Family?


A: The Griswold Family is considered the weakest magical house to exist. This was completely intentional. For you see, the Grimstone Family wished to strengthen their bloodline at all cost. A person suggested a theory that magic had an element of genetics to it which meant that it was possible to inherit weak mana etc. Thus, the Grimstone Family took all the weakest in the household and stopped them from reproducing with any other mage as they wanted to keep the weakness contained. 


Sadly, they were right. People in the main section of the household began being born with higher mana and more unique talents such as Language of the Birds, a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated and teaches the mystery of things and unveils the most hidden truths, began popping up. Thus they continued this method. This made the weak side of the family even weaker -to the point they barely had any magical energy. Thus the weak side had all decided to try and escape.


The Grimstone Family knew of the escape plan before they had even thought of it. Their seers had peered into the future to predict this event and had given exact detail of what the weak would do. Thus they made a sport out of it. They hunted them like savage animals and would continue doing so.


Though using them for sport started dying down as they soon had a new purpose. For you see, since they didn’t have enough mana to use powerful spells nor did they have any special abilities they had to rely on Numerology and Spell Theory to try and combat them. With their advanced Numerology they could combat the seers the Grimstone family had and with their superior spell theory they could create spells which would use the most bare minimum mana and wouldn’t waste any. Thus the Grimstone family decided to stop using them as game  but instead use them as spell makers. They would let them live and make spells. Then they would come to the Griswold  to steal their hard-earned spells.


Q: How does Magnus’s abilities work?


A: We have Magnus’s main ability which is called Magical Formulation. This is an inferior version of the Grimstone’s famed Magic Intuition.  Rather than having  an ability to instinctively know the working of any magic he  comes across, this ability  breaks down magical phenomenons into formula’s that magic is made up of.  It’s up to Magnus to understand and memorize the code. However, this ability has extended from just magical to any supernatural phenomenon such as psionic energy, natural energy, etc to even slowly scientific as seen when he read the code of Watson -a technopath who inhabits the body of an android


Next is the application of Magical Formulation which is  Magical Programming. If Magnus wishes to create a spell, he has to go through some steps. The first step is setting up a template. A template is a preset program that has several blank places which helps Magnus  create an entire new program. Magnus sets up this template within his Interface which is how he modifies and creates the spell program.It works almost like a hologram projection which can only be altered by himself.


 One conditional statement ( e.g. if blank happens then blank happens) which is present in every template is that if a specific hand gesture is made then the program executes.


Declarations are essential as they tell his mana what a certain variable means. For example, a declaration would  tell his mana that the variable x means the passing of time so for something like when  x=9 then y=0 mana knows what to do.


 He prefers using hand gestures as programs which use mental statements have a major flaw. If one were to just think of the activation code -the program would execute. 

An example of this  is he is thinking about starting a fire then the program will execute whether or not he wishes it to. Thus he combines words and hand gestures to remove the chance of this happening.


Something that Magnus may create are Loop Spells which are spells that perform pre-defined tasks while or until a pre-determined condition is met. An example of a loop spell is a healing spell. Without it being a loop type spell it would continue until all of his mana is completely dried out. Thus as a loop spell, it  stops executing if a certain amount of time passes. 


Another essential note should be Spell Components as they manipulate everything about the actual spell. One key component is Medium. This component is vital because it determines how other components will be implemented. One type of Medium is Contact which means that the program works on a target that Magnus touches. Due to only needing contact, this drains the least amount of mana. Contrasting touch is Self which means that the program affects himself rather than another being.


Another spell component is Freeze which is normally used in programs which create ice. It can also be used in programs which debuff the enemy as freeze can slow them down. This is due to the action of freezing slowing down molecules.


Another note are Modifiers. These are components which can be added to another component. An example of this is the Rotation Speed modifier for the Projectile (turns the medium into the shape of a ball) component. This determines if the projectile is rotatiating and how fast it is. Technically, a rotation speed can be infinite in how fast,his mana limits how fast it is.  At a high speed, it acts as a drill which pierces through everything.


Another Modifier could be Homing which is used for attacks which focus on a single target and travel space.  Homing means the components such as Projectile, Beam, etc. are able to follow their target even when they move at high speeds. It does however increase the mana cost of the spell.


Furthermore, some spell components are merely a combination of others. Imagine that you want to create a spell which would burn an entity but didn’t want to use a medium such as a fireball. Thus he created a spell component called Ignition which would do the same thing a high level of Acceleration would do without causing the entity to start to vibrate nor would it be as costly.


Q: Does Magnus ever plan on returning to his original world? 


Luckily, I’ve managed to get Magnus to spend a little bit of time so he can answer some of the questions that were sent in by our viewers


A: Okay. Ummm. So do I just say it right into the air? I’m kinda confused why you’re recording me answering questions but fine. So to answer this question, I should tell you how I became a multiversal traveler. One day when it was nice and sunny, I had decided to try and create a water spell to cool myself out rather than pay for air conditioning. Except I was trash at Magical Programming back then and water is the element I am the worst in. Next thing happened and in front of me reality began to distort and fold on itself. It sucked me into the distortion. Then I saw myself still in New York City but rumors of a man named Flamoura going around


So I left by accident but it was probably for the best. I would’ve got caught  if I had stayed there. I would probably be in a dungeon -forced to write and design spells. I think I would’ve begun to hate it. Plus due to the fact that I found out that I actually [REDACTED] by channeling [REDACTED] [REDACTED] I feel bad about it. I would only focus on going back to fix my mess.


Q: Has Magnus ever disagreed with Strange on something?


A: The thought of disagreeing with Master Strange is….honestly vile to me. He’s my teacher. We’ve fought against demonic beings and eldritch horrors. He’s made me who I am. Without him….I would be nothing. However, I have disagreed with his own perspective on magic. He views magic as a tool. A tool which can be used for good or evil. A tool which can be as he says “unpredictable and chaotic, one mishap can lead to deadly consequences” I can somewhat agree but I view magic as a science. Science isn’t a collection of hard set rules. It is a way of thinking and a way of life. I apply the scientific method on magic and will continue doing so.


Q: What is one of your most defining moments in  life?


A: It has to be when one of the Griswold members tried to bring me in. She called herself, Luvia Grimstone -one of the slowly dwindling members who had [Redacted]. She had an immense amount of mana but little control and wished for spells which could handle her insane power. Knowing that at least one magic using  Griswold still lived, she hoped that she could take me in and “allow me to reach my purpose in life”


I refused to join her and slightly hoped that she would leave. I hated every moment after her fake smile went upside down. hated every moment of it. I was pinned down to the ground by her bodyguards as they searched my house looking for any spells I had been working on. Tears of hatred poured from my eyes as I saw how they just took all of my family’s work….all of my work. I hated her smug grin with a passion thinking that she was superior. I had luckily managed to escape but bolstered my efforts to become powerful and learn everything about magic.

Q: How does Magnus look?

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