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  • Name: ???Alias: Red (Given due to the color of his halo)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Species: Destroyer Angel Physiology

    Age: 1 Eon Old

    Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Bloodthirsty, Menacing, Honorable, somewhat Loving and caring

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: N/A

    Pronouns: His/He/It

    Occupation: Slayer Angel

    Sword of God (In pic)

    Basic Abilities:
    Supernatural Condition (III)
    Divine Combat
    Enhanced Roar
    Enhanced Swordsmanship
    Menacing Presence
    Raw Power
    Bloodlust Aura

    Destroyer Angel Physiology:
    Angelic Aura/Energetic Pressure
    Angel Soul
    Demonic Slayer/Divine Slayer
    Sacred Energy Manipulation
    Divine Death-Force Manipulation
    Destructive Energy Manipulation

Demonic powers and/or Evil powers.

Archangel, Transcendent Angel, a Supreme God, or a Trinitarian God.

Angel Slayer

Divine Power Immunity/Divine Power Negation/Divine Slaying

While he rarely shows it, he holds a strong love for Watcher and would do anything to protect her

Enhanced Willpower/Fear Masking/Indomitable Will, and users of Absolute Will/Fear Immunity are immune to the Menacing Presence

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
In some cases he is sent to kill fallen angels

He is 6’0

He has a small love for sweets

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