Original Characters

Holder of the Demon’s Mark

Name: Lex Malmstrom

Alias: Wifey, Disgrace (Her father), Dear (Her mother), Holder of the Demons Mark

Alignment: True Good


Species: Inferna-Ergokinetic Human

Age: 25

Personality: Calm,

Gender: Transgender Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: Her/She/Them

Occupation: NYCPD Officer

1911 Pistol (In Pic)

Wedding Ring
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Basic Abilities:
Intimidation Mastery
Linguistics Mastery
Danger Detection
Enhanced Senses
Demonic Tattoo Magic

Demonic Energy Manipulation:
Demonic Attacks
Demonic Constructs
Demonic Energy Combat
Demonic Energy Infusion
Demonic Energy Absorption
Demonic Energy Constructs
Demonic Energy Wing Manifestations for flight
Demonic Energy Generation
Energy Sensing

Archetype:Police Officer:
Crimefighting Mastery
Criminology Mastery
Enhanced Investigation/Mystery Solving
Interrogation Mastery
Law Mastery
Police Mastery


Angelic Energy Manipulation

Angelic Magic

Divine Magic

Her Husband

Energy Immunity/Energy Absorption

Anti-Energy Manipulation

She has a weak spot for children, shapeshifters could use that to their advantage

Ink Manipulation

Tattoo Manipulation

Art Manipulation

Any damage to her mark will weaken her powers until it heals


Extra Info:
She doesn’t have a very goo

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