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Desperate Times

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Everyone has been in a situation of desperation. No two are alike, but on some level everyone can relate, especially college students. The smell of Ramen boiling in the microwave, the taste of stale pizza from three months ago, and the constant need to look for quarters and dimes that fell from our fellow students’ pockets is something all students are familiar with. It is just a matter of how far they are willing to go in desperate times.

“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?! HOW STUPID CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE?” Hunter’s friend had just screwed up pretty good, putting an end to his relationship with his high school best friend. Just another dumb ass who couldn’t keep himself under control during the summer vacation. “There is more to life than partying!” Hunter said. “Goodbye Christopher.”

Chris was the type of kid who had everything handed to him. Both sides of his family got a new car every few months, and gave him the brand new Escalade to drive around. Even after a dozen speeding tickets and twenty points on his license, he got no punishment, and continued on with life not knowing how to learn from his mistakes. He was uneducated, unwilling, and just plain stupid. He had no plans for his future, and left high school to live at his dad and step mom’s house.

Hunter had different plans. High school was over but college offered new beginnings. He was no genius, but knew that he and his other close friends can keep things rolling up at school, even if they were all really broke.

Work and Jobs the summer before had proven useful, but tuition, food, and school fees were a new issue. Art majors, Engineering majors, Science majors, and business majors all have to cough up twelve thousand dollars a semester for imitation food and cheap housing.

By mid second semester, Hunter, Jack, and Ellie had to figure out what to do for money. With only odd skills, and no time in between classes for work, nothing struck them as plausible.

After many long nights of hypothetical situation discussions, and many drinks, Hunter finally had one idea that would make him and his friends enough money to be financially secure the rest of the semester. “I got it!” he declared. “We’re going to rob Chris’s rich ass.” “Okay.” Said Ellie and Jack nonchalantly.

They knew exactly how much of a low life he was, and they all knew he had it coming. Both sides of Chris’s family were all pretty well off. Chris reaped the benefits with the ipad Christmas presents, car birthday gifts, and money bundles, all coming from his parents. He never appreciated it, never understood it, and never deserved the perks that he was given daily. Jack, Hunter and Ellie believed it was only ethical to do something about it.

Considering Hunter’s former relationship with Chris, he knew the floor plans of his houses pretty well. Chris crashed at the multiple houses his family owned. Unlucky for him Hunter knew the ins and outs of every room, every hall, and knew exactly what goods were within. The trio started planning.


Desperate Times: Chapter 2

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