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Programable matter

Name: Lucas Miller


Alias: Luke, Mills


Alignment: True Good



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Species: Human




“Who knows, I may be the next big thing one day”

Personality: Cheerful, Kind, Chill, Laid back, Optimistic, benevolent, Stubborn, Intelligent


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Pansexual


Pronouns: His/He/Him


Occupation: Mechanic/Inventor



Gloves: These gloves are what allows him to use his main ability

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Programable Matter: His most potent invention is programmable matter, allowing him to 3D print weaponry, shielding, and enhancements. The weapons can be ranged or melee both blunt and sharp

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Veloci-skates: Pretty much shoes that help him jump higher, Kick harder, and Run faster

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Chain Scythe

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Double Edged Sword

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Backstory: He was born and grew up in a lower-class family in a large city, he lived without worry until he was about 7 years old, but at that point things took a turn for the worst. He maimed somebody during a power outage and was becoming an outcast. But with his charm and wisdom, he managed to start a new life and train to perfection. Powerless to change the past, he now works perfecting skills and talents. By doing so, he hopes to find a place to call home and finally find significant other he has never had.


Extra Info:

Is terrifyingly good with Pick pocketing and Sleight of Hand


Noted for his 500 IQ

His Family is still looking for him

Favorite food is Chicken Alfredo

Favorite Drink is sweet tea

Can speak Spanish

Loves Dark Humor

He and Blake are Enemies


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