Original Characters


Basic Information
Civilian Name- Tray Axon
Hero/Villain Codename- Null
Gender- Male
Sexuality- Bi-Sexual
Marriage Status- Dating
Home Town- New York City
Species- Meta/Magical Human hybrid

Personality Information
Likes- Jinx, Gizmo, The HIVE, Video Games, Soccer, Spells, His Magic
Dislikes- Getting injured, Seeing his comrades Injured, His spells failing, Teen Titans
Is Famous For- His Powers
Costume/Clothes Worn-

Family Information
Mother- A Magical Human named Nuna
Father- A Meta with Anti-Energy Manipulation named Gal

Allies Information
Any Well Known DC Characters As Allies- The HIVE
Any Other Allies (Includes Other OCs)- Alex, Terra, Rosa, Clyde

Enemies Information
Any Well Known Marvel/DC Characters As Enemies- Titans and Justice League
Any Other Enemies (Includes Other OCs)- None

Equipment Information
Non Offensive Equipment Carried- Necklace with a Black Gem (From Jinx), 3 Bracelets
Offensive Equipment Carried- Wrist Watch(From Gizmo)
Unique Equipment Carried- An old spell book

Transportation Information
What Does You OC Use To Get Around ?- Motorcycle
Is It Unique In Any Way To Your OC ?- Yes as 3 generations created and upgraded it
Was It Stolen ?- No

Other Character Information
Which Universe Is Your Character In ?- DC
Alignment (Hero,Villain,Neutral)- Villain

Anti-Energy Attacks
Anti-Energy Combat
Anti-Energy Defense
Personal Anti-Energy
Anti-Energy Solidification
Anti-Energy Generation
Anti-Energy Constructs
Anti-Energy Manipulation
Destruction Magic
Destructive Energy Manipulation
Personal Anti-Magic
Magical Energy Absorption
Anti-Magic Attacks
Anti-Mystic Arts
Absorption Field Projection

Erase all Heroes and live with Jinx

Does Your OC Star In His/Her Own Fanfiction Series ?- No

Background Story

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