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Name: Gray Todoroki

Alias: G, Incinerate, Soot, King

Alignment: True-Neutral Evil

Masked Appearance:

Normal appearance (Bc, I can’t find a good image): Gray is a fairly tall, fair skinned young man of a slim, somewhat lanky build, His hair is mostly black with some hints of gray the fade in to Red

Species: Superhuman

Age: 18

Personality: Gray takes pleasure in taunting heroic figures and Heroes alike, sadistically enjoying the pain he inflicts on others, including those he murders. is intolerant of most people and can be very derisive, being quite rude and condescending to essentially everybody he interacts with. But when it comes to his teammates, his best friends He is known to be extremely caring, a jokester, and even empathetic. He also has a strong fascination with heroes and is shown well-versed in their history, sometimes even surprising the heroes themselves with his vast knowledge.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He/Him


Whatever he creates from his flames

Pyrokinetic Human Physiology
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition
Cold Resistance
Heat Resistance
Bio- Black Fire Manipulation
Bio-Black Fire Generation
Fire Breath
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Strength
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Durability
Pyrokinetically Enhanced Speed
Fire Infusion
Fire Defense
Fire Strike
Fire Flight
Pyrokinetic Constructs
Flame Solidification
Personal Heat
Fire Attacks
Smoke Generation
Fire Resistance
Pyrokinetic Combat
Pyrokinetic Claws
Fire Weaponry
Pyrokinetic Blade Construction
Pyrokinetic Polearm Construction
Indomitable Will
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Survivability
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Regeneration
Criminology Mastery
Police Mastery
Interrogation Mastery
Negotiation Mastery
Deception Mastery
Psychological Mastery
Intimidation Mastery
Boxing Mastery
Aikido Mastery
CQC Mastery

Grand: White-Hot: A move where he builds up his heat to points that it could match a small star, now at this point he can do 2 things

Star Death: Where he releases all of the heat into a massive explosion, while this is powerful it will drain him and his powers for 6 hours maybe even an entire 1-2 days.

Flow: Where he uses his fire to enhance his condition to extreme levels. Most his strength and speed.


Tag Combo(s):

Despite his resistances if the cold or hot force becomes to much it will begin to hurt him
He has to physically touch the weapons he wants to re-create and use later
Fire Resistance
Fire Immunity
Fire Absorption
Heat Resistance
Heat Immunity
Ice Manipulation
Water Manipulation
His Girlfriend Akito

Backstory: The son of a Hero and a dangerous Villain. Gray lived a life of secrecy as his mother was a hero and his father was a dangerous criminal with one hell of a criminal record and family history. But despite this..he loved his family dearly and they loved him just as much, but you know what they say all good  things must come to an end. The day was normal, Gray was sent to school to learn about his abilities more, eat lunch, have recess, and then get on the bus and go home. But he didn’t get to his bus, he was taken by a police officer who didn’t answer a single question of his as he was brought to his aunt’s house. After about an hour of getting little to no answers, he took matters into his own hands and ran away to his home, looking for his parents. But when he got there he only found officers..after some more sneaking around he manged to get in via an opened screen door. And after about 12 steps forward and sneaking/hiding from the officers in the home, He found his parents..sprawled out on the floor, with serious blunt force injuries. Gray was horrified letting out a scream that alerted all officers who quickly attempted to stop and remove a crying and screaming Gray from the home, which was soon done successfully. For upcoming years of Gray’s life he’d try his damndest to figure out, find, and murder his parents killer, only to find out it was famous hero…

Extra Info:
He almost never removes his mask
His hair is mostly black with some hints of gray the fade in to Red
He is Japanese and Canadian
His flames are said to burn hotter than the sun

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