Horror Mystery

Born Evil

*AN: This is a short story based off of a really interesting dream I had a few months ago. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to write about. I’m not a very good artist but wish I could have some pictures to go with the story. If anybody wanted to do any pics of their interpretation I definitely wouldn’t mind! Hope you enjoy 🙂



It was a rainy fall evening when Whitney pulled up to her aunt’s house. The two had never met before, but each had heard only the best things. She stepped out of the cab with her suitcase, anxious, but eager to meet her aunt for the first time and explore the coast. She was only sixteen at the time and was looking forward to seeing everything Oregon had to offer.


A woman stepped out of the house and worked her way down the long, twisted staircase that lay in the hill in front of her home. “Whitney! Welcome!” she yelled as she paced slowly down the stairs. “It is so great to finally see you in person, I’m your aunt Lily. You looked so cute in all the pictures your mom showed me.” “Pleasure to meet you.” said Whitney with a nervous crack in her voice.


Lily picked up Whitney’s suitcase with one hand and wrapped her arm around her with other as the cab drove out. “You’re going to love it here.” Lily said “We got a wonderful view of the ocean from our back porch and the school is just a few miles away.” “We?” asked Whitney. “Who’s we?” “Oh dear I forgot to mention, you’ll be living with me and my daughter.” “I didn’t realize you had a daughter, my mother never mentioned her.” “Yes.” Replied Lily. “She’s been with me for about seven years now. She’s sitting in the house right now.”


Walking up to the house, Whitney noticed a hooded figure in a bright yellow rain coat sitting in the front window. The raincoat turned toward her in a quick jerking motion, almost as if surprised. The hooded figure was wearing a dark plastic mask, glaring down the front yard stairs as Lily and Whitney were walking up. “That’s her.” Said Lily with a smile on her face. “I’m sure you two will get along great.”


Whitney assisted her aunt to the top step as she opened the door. Lily’s daughter came running to the door, wearing a raincoat, boots, mask, and gloves. “Hey there, I guess I’m your cousin Whitney.” The little girl, mask on, quickly glanced up at her and then ran up the stairs. “She’s a little shy and not very talkative” said Lily. “That’s okay. I’m not too outgoing myself” replied Whitney.


Born Evil: Chapter 2

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