Original Characters

Magician + Egypt = Egyptian Magician

Name: Hudson “Sage” Akali

Alias: Sage, Hud Hud, Anubis’s Pawn,

Alignment: True Good


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Species: Mystic Human

Age: 19

Personality: Extreme Kind, Nice, Easygoing, friendly and good-humored, Sweet, Respectful, forgiving

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic

Pronouns: His/He/Him


Currently: Works at a Library

Formerly: Student

Destined: Slayer


Ancestry Tattoos

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The Amber Flower (Left ring finger): Allows the wearer to use Smoke Magic

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The Dangling Star (Necklace): Enhances or gives the wearer’s fire magic

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Ring Of The Jackal (Left pointer finger): Allowed the wearer to touch and interact with Ghosts and other spirits

Wedding Band for Men Mens Wedding band eternity ring silver image 1

The Quadruplets (Right middle finger): Enhances the wearers Light Magic

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Grand: Willow Drive: This Is a transformation where he uses his magic to enhance his condition.

Stage 1:

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Stage 2:

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Stage 3: Minus the fat fucking arrow on Aang’s head

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Sandstorm (“Asfeh Ramleh!”): Places his hand on the ground to make a storm of dust or sand to blind his enemy or escape from a confrontation

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Hyper Burn (“Haraq mofart..”): Charges up his heat and fire magic to send a beam of extreme heat at the enemy causing severe burns.

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Ra’s Arrow (“Sahm Ra”): A move he stole from Ra just to piss him off, where he uses his heat and fire to create a bow and arrow to fire at the enemy.

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Protect (“Hamma!”): A simple protection spell for himself or others, can appear as a dome or act like a weapon that he can blast as a distraction due to it being extremely fragile when fired

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Magically Enhanced Physiology:

Magical Shield generation

Magical Energy Generation

Magical Energy Manipulation

Supernatural Wisdom

Supernatural Survivability

Supernatural Strength (Type II)

Supernatural Stamina

Supernatural Speed (Type I)


Trait: Ancestor Inheritance

Night Vision

Mana Manipulation

Menacing Presence


Afterlife Traveling

Supernatural Hearing

Supernatural Smell

Illusion Awareness

Supernatural Life-Force

Shapeshifting Awareness

Clear eyes

Enhanced Roar


Magic he learned:


Divine Arts

Spell Casting

Gesture Casting

Voice Casting

Ink Magic

Entropy Magic

Bio-Entropy Manipulation

Bio-Heat Manipulation

Heat Attacks

Heat Magic

Heat infusion

Personal Heat

Heat Immunity

Cold Immunity

Energy Magic

Earth Magic

Sand Magic

Light Magic




Magic Intuition

Medical Intuition

Pressure Point Intuition


Kick Boxing

Intimidation Intuition

Animal Intuition



Ice Magic

Water Magic

Cold magic

Isn’t really all that experienced in Hand-to-Hand combat

Sensory Overload

Divine Weaponry

Any destroyed/Damaged jewelry means no magic or messed up magic

Magic Destruction


Stronger Magicians

Darkness Magic

Fire turns sand into glass which is extremely hard to control

Running out of energy

Overloading on energy

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