Original Characters


Name: Oraíos(Lovely in Greek)

Alias: Latavia (A name she took up in the 1900’s after it was pitched by Sloth), Ori (A name she despises, as she hates the time period she was in)

Alignment: N/A


NOTE: These are only 3 of her many forms

(Female Form)

Fandom Image

(Male Form)

Fandom Image


Fandom Image

Species: Shapeshifter/Sin

Age: (In the Hundred Thousands, being the 3rd oldest)


“Ntet and Aziel are the sweetest people I have ever met. They actually let me cut their hair once!~”

Kind, Loving, Sweet, Seductive, Sadistic around those she hates, Reminder of a l l your sins

Gender: N/A

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: Any

Occupation: Sin


Whip of Truth: Pretty much the Lasso of truth in what it can do, just more violent

Fandom Image


Supernatural Condition (IIII)

Whip mastery

Truth Inducement (With Whip)

Desire Inducement

Menacing Presence

Mesmerizing Presence

Singing/Dancing/Seduction Mastery


Lust-Based Abilities:

Supernatural Beauty

Desire Empowerment

Disease Immunity

Indomitable Lust

Lust Detection

Lust Manipulation

Lust Inducement


Her extreme care and motherly love for Aziel and Ntet

Those with Apathy are immune her powers

Chastity Embodiment

Lust Immunity and those with 100% muscle usage

Absolute Condition and Absolute Beauty

Her need to be more than just “Lust”. She wants to be famous star one day.

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

Their height can range from 5’6 to 7’3

She has a favorite color, it being Phlox

She’s never liked Wrath, not because she is violent but she finds her loud, annoying, extremely brash, and stupid.

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