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Întuneric Gol

Name: Întuneric (închis) Gol

Alias: God (Himself), He Who Watched (Many), Winged tw-t (Jin/Gideon), Death In Divine Form (Angels & Demons), Inu/Enu (Humans/Jin)

Alignment: N/A


(In Human Attire/Form):

Fandom Image

(In True Form):

Fandom Image

Species: Destroyer Angel

Age: N/A


Oh please, no need to pay me such a thing! We all know the only thing I seek is that pearly white smile on your face!~

When under the guise of a priest, he’s extremely sweet, kind and carrying. To some, he’s an angel in human form.. to which he tends to laugh at due to it being somewhat true.


I find you Humans.. Interesting.. even though all you are.. is a greedy lot of apes..”

When in his true form, his view on humanity and attitude flips a giant switch. He’s extremely cold, sometimes borderline Apathetic, somewhat Smug, Violent, has a superiority complex, and tends to intimidate and threaten others

Gender: Male

Sexuality: N/A

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Angel Of Death


Sword of Souls: A blade he crafted using some of a fellow Death Angel’s Nothingness, the sword is able to negate damage and sometimes lessen damage done to the weilder. He rarely uses it less the target is more powerful than him.

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Spear Of the Godly: … No one knows where this weapon came from, or what it is capable of. Only thing people know about it is that it holds high value to Inu and he is willing to do anything to get it back.. even murder.

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Death Angel Physiology: He is an Angel of Death.. not really much else to say. His powers are still somewhat a mystery, as the ones listed are the only ones some know of. He even keeps such things a secret from other angels!

Supernatural Physical/Mental Characteristics: With his biology, Inu is far stronger than most humans and sometimes angels. Even while it is suppressed/weakened in his human from, he’s still very strong. He is able to take gun fire, turret like fire/attacks being the point where his body will be able to take damage. He’s speed is actually faster than sound in his human form.. in his angel form it is usually said he’s faster than light. His stamina and Endurance, while not recorded or mentioned, is high.. as again, he’s an Angel of Death.

Bottomless/Endless Divine/Destructive Energy: Being regarded as an Angel of Death, Inu possesses overwhelmingly high amounts of divine/destructive energy that makes him capable of making continuous usage of his powers without any strain or issue. Even the very feeling of his energy can intimidate/terrify others. He is able to make weapons, shields, and in 1 case even wings from it.

Perfected Energy/Force Control: He also has tremendous control over his energy. He is capable of adjusting the intensity of his attacks based on the target. What that means is, he can control how much his powers effect a person. He showed this ability when he disabled Jin’s left leg by severing the knee cap.

Nigh-Absolute Healing Factor/Healing Magic: He is capable of effortlessly restoring limbs in an instant and even has the ability to revive himself and Jin when he was near-death by recreating his heart. He is even able to survive the dicing of his entire body within minuets.

Splinter/Carve: As mentioned before, manipulation his energy in various ways.. One of these ways is by using it to mimic a cutting/slashing effect. He is capable of it to slash at targets from both close and long range. It can both cut through inanimate objects and beings with ease. The move can be dodged, but blocking it is risky and dangerous..

Backstory: N/A

Weaknesses: N/K[D] (Not Known/Discovered)

Extra Info:

He is 6’8 in his Angel form, sometimes 6’1

In human human form he is 6’2

He keeps his sword as a trophy in his church, he tends to tell people he got it from a since shut down museum a long time ago.

His Splinter/Carve ability is a HUGE reference to Cleave/Dismantle, Sukuna’s most iconic ability in JJK

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