Original Characters


Name: Aiden [Unknown]


Alias: Silent One


Alignment: True Neutral



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Species: Genetically Modified Human


Age: ???


Personality: Appears to murder criminals and corrupt officials and avoids the deaths of innocents whenever possible when fulfilling a contract. He also has a tender spot for animals. Despite being a highly trained and deadly killer, is extremely devoted and dedicated to his work and complete his missions with professionalism and great efficiency. He is a calm and Apathetic man showing emotions to nothing and no one, having the job he has turned him into a brutal murderous monster.


Gender: Male


Sexuality: [No]


Pronouns: His/He/Him


Occupation: Merc/Assassin (Formerly/Returning)



Shit loads…. And I mean shit loads of weapons…guns blades…combinations of the 2 even weapons he’s never even used, but his most used is

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(With these gloves underneath, they can emit aggravating to deadly amounts of electricity)



Genius-level intellect

Master marksmanship

Master martial artist

Enhanced strength

Indomitable willpower

Weaponry expertise

Master tactician

Stealth mastery

Master of disguise

Espionage expertise


Accelerated healing

Enhanced mental processing

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Senses

Sensory Array

Killing Instinct

Stabilization Sensory

Apathy / Emotion Negation

Regenerative Healing Factor (Type I)

Poison Artillery

Poison Weaponry

Sense of Strength

Shadow Camouflage

Silent Movement

Unrestricted Murdering

Weakness Detection

Critical Impact

Weakness Strike

Hunting Intuition

Killing Intuition

Psychological Intuition

Body Language Analysis

Combat Perception

Intimidation Intuition

Killing Intent

Stealth Intuition

Inaudible Movement

Social Cloaking

Stealth Combat

Enhanced Accuracy

Enhanced Combat

Enhanced Stealth

Enhanced Tracking

Enhanced Thievery


Acting Intuition

Ansatsuken Intuition

Assassination Tactics

Hacking Intuition

Parkour Intuition





(Joy Shocker) (“Brace for it”): Grabs his enemy’s head, neck, arm or hand and sends a shit load of watts into their body


(Brutality) (“I swore I told you to stay down”): Just uses his martial arts to brutally beat his enemy.


(Sleeper) (“Shhh…Sleep”): Puts his enemy in the sleeper hold before he snaps their neck, or they pass out


Tag Combo(s):





Sensory Overload

Apathy makes it hard to make allies



Extra Info:

He once broke his arm to gain an advantage in a fight


Was blown up point blank on came out with 2nd degree burns


Spent 2 days in captivity with no food or water


Poisoned an entire building


Looks up to certain Assassin’s and Mercenaries


Was temporarily apart of the Ghost Manes

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