The Six Horsemen of The Abyss – Explanation & Definitions

‘The Six Horsemen of The Abyss” is a RP concept with inspiration from my friends’ “Demons In New York” RP universe as well as some additional Greek Mythology and Marvel influence. This is the first Universe that I’m planning to actually push to it’s best possible outcome. So here comes definitions of everything that will be mentioned:

The Avyssos Siblings: The siblings rumoured to be part of a cursed prophecy

The Abyss Prophecy: The cursed prediction that claims “The children given the abilities to raise the world and drop it into the void will be the ones born into bad blood”

The Vamménoi: A God-like race that over see all possible outcomes and are the ones who write determined fates, divinations, predictions, prognosis, prophecies, runes, and folklore

Cryptic Human: A human who is infiltrated with mystic energy, usually provided by deities, and is able to survive the after effects, usually resulting in powers.

Ekpliró: Someone who has fulfilled their destiny and for their services can have eternal peace.

The Mythological Special Forces (MSF): A group of trained professionals that deal with mythical as well as extraterrestrial threats to world safety

Ocullains: A group of witches, wizards, and warlocks that study runes, myths, legends, and folklore as well as determine the future by using said invocations and witchcraft

The Cryptic Theory: A ideology of how the world came to be

That’s all folks 🙂

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