memories of pre chaos: part 2: keepers of the magma eye

…darkness filled the mysterious room. in the center are two pepole… orange pepole.. they are on chairs, tiad to eachother in their hands and legs, their heads are covered by empty wheat sacks

the what sacks are removed and a mysterious voice starts speaking. “alright, listen here. we have no time for bullcrap, aight? where is the magma eye?”

a tied man starts speaking: “…who are you.. and why do you need it…”

“I AM THE ONE ASKING THE QUESTIONS!!” the mysterious vioce yells. “kris, do your thing..”

a mysterious girl steps out of the dark into the light of a candle near the chairs.

she aligns her arm to the ground near the man’s chair, raises it to the air as an ice crystal rises from the ground.  “the next time you misbehave, the crystals might misbehave with you too…” she says aggresivly, returning to the dark. “yo why dont we kill them instead of all of this shi–” “king hazelf told us to not harm anyone around here….. yet…” a diffrent voice says. “stop with this circus, who are you and what are you doing here?!”

“..alright, fair.”. a voice says as three pepole step from the dark. “you can call us the mezro captains. we were sent by the king of  kaxraza. our job is to clear possible threats that will harm the country. we need the magma eye. the power it holds can help our nation rise. and soon enough, when we get the rest, the world will bow to us. whas that enough information for ya?” a blue haired guy says. there are weird winged eyes flying around him. “so, it would either be the magma eye, or this entire country, what do you choose..” a brown haired girl says pointing her sword at them, it looks like its made of dark white energy.

(part 2 is kinda short, im sorry. BUT this episode is interactive! what does that mean? when an episode ends, you might be able to decide what happens next in the plot! so the decision is the following:

give the magma eye to the m mysterious mezro captains?)

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well, that took quite a turn! Don't know what's happening next, but I hope they keep the magma eye. Whatever option gets picked the most, I'm sure you'll make something great out of it!
1 year ago
@peepso_user_345(Haster) thx bestie
1 year ago