Memories of pre chaos part 1: almost there!

The trio wakes up in their homes looking at their clocks,

“7:50” for aron

“6:50” for mati

“6:00” for lusea

“Oh crap” aron freaks out inside his head, jumping from his bed to switch clothes. “Im gonna be late!” He screams running all around his house getting ready.

“Mom why didnt you wake me up??” He screams while puting his socks on. He walks to his parents’s bedroom, to find nobody there… “Alright, i got no time for this, i need to rush to school” he says screaming. He leaves his house riding his bike. He barely makes it to class. Sometimes later… The bell rings “thank god! I thought their clock was broken!” He gets out of his class to find mati and lusea talking. “Hey guys how are ya?” He askes. “Im good!” Mati says

“Same here…. Why are you nervous?” She says with concern. “I woke up late, you can probably see that, when i did wake up, my parents were nowhere to be found… Its kinda.. odd…”

Mati:”thats strange… Maybe they had to go to work early.. i dont know..”

Lusea:”did you try calling them with your phone?” She says with concern

“Ahm… No… Maybe i should do it now…” He says awkwardly.

He calls his parents but nobody picks up the phone

Mati:”huh.. weird…. Anyway! Lets enjoy the last day of eigth grade!” He says excited

Lusea:”yea why dont we?”

The day goes as as usual, little did the group know what adventure thsy are gonna be a part of…

(5 comments and im gonna write more!)

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ayyyyy, very good hook
Nice 😀