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The Facultkin Band: Entry 2

I was about to reach my destination before something crashed into me. It was a girl, a girl in a weird monster costume. I woke up on a tropical island next to the monster costume girl, still unconscious. Prophet appeared and thought we should keep going and leave the girl behind. I couldn’t do that before I heard some rustling noise from nearby bushes. Then human-sized cats appeared. I quickly remembered reading this in my father’s journal. I ordered Prophet to carry the girl as we tried to run. We were on that strange island after dad got that blood transfusion from Yharnam. He was sent to this island and dealt with all matters of monstrosities. Before we got far, I tripped over a blunderbuss in the sand. The feline beast would have gotten me if Prop didn’t drop the girl and shot at them with the absurd gun. It managed to scare them off and gave them some time to rest. I am not good at running, jumping, and most things except breathing.

We found a covered with vines and hid there. After about another hour, the girl in the monster costume woke and introduced herself as Chef (Angelia) Mariloft. She once worked at a restaurant in a mythical creature zoo, and the outfit was her uniform for the visitors. She was a competent cook but knew she could become something more. With a whole zoo of exotic and mystical ingredients, Mariloft could make something truly delicious. So, she gathered some elements she needed and started cooking. The combination of many magical sources caused a messy explosion, and Mariloft’s dish was all over her. She tasted the goop, and she found it extremely tasty. She almost liked the floor. The next day, she noticed a unique air to her now. Everything that she focused on became unnaturally delicious. Nothing was out of her reach, from a loaf of bread to tap water from the sink. She became a popular attraction, maybe too popular. The crowd kept coming and coming, putting a lot of stress on Mariloft until one day, her power went into overdrive. She accidentally caused everything she saw to become delicious, and the people would try to eat it: objects, plants, animals, themselves. It was a grotesque nightmare. A witch walked up to Mariloft and tossed her into a portal to stop her. Eventually, she must have hit something and then woke up with me watching her.

Prop was intrigued and horrified by her story, and I was only interested in food after listening to all the eating stuff. I asked her if she could make dirt delicious, and she picked up a clump. Mariloft looked at it and passed it to me, and I tasted it and immediately devoured it. I coughed for about 10 minutes after that. Mariloft said she could make something only delicious, not nutritious or edible, since she had nowhere to go. I invited her to join us because she was a chef, but Prop was about to deny my decision before seeing a glimpse of the future. The cat beasts found us. Prop looked at Mariloft and said to focus on the wall. She did, and then the beast started to sniff around. They soon looked at the cave’s interior and mauled it in an attempt to eat it. It caused a small cave-in and crushed him. Prop wanted to see this power firsthand, proving to be an excellent power to distract people and creatures. Mariloft also learned that things could also smell delicious. I grabbed my new friend’s hand and teleported away from this island.

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