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Azure: The Lost Cloud Kingdom

  While Demons celebrated their victory at the end of The Halo War, a handful of Angels were fearful of the future. Though a couple of them didn’t participate in the War, they had a feeling that the new Sin Rulers had more plans to destroy Heaven. So with that, they visited The Heavenly Father himself; Aburi Furtună, King of Heaven and an Angelic Deity of the Heavens.

  After hearing of the Angels’ concerns, King Aburi—or King Storm—decided to help them. Traveling high into the air and standing on the clouds, King Storm and the group of Angels all agreed to create a hidden kingdom in the Sky.

  But how? That was a question on all of their minds.

  That was..until they came across a Deity. It was a young one. It was Estolar, Goddess of The Sky, Clouds and The Stars.

  Almost immediately, King Storm was intrigued by Estolar, who was very shy around the King. But after a bit of conversation and with a wave of her hand, a Kingdom was created. It was dubbed Azure.

  The group of Angels were immediately happy with the results of Azure, but King Storm was nervous. As he couldn’t rule two Kingdoms himself, he allowed Estolar to decide the Ruler. While she became Queen, a different Deity would be crowned as King. That Deity was Empa, God of Emotion, Husband to Honi and Father to all of Honi’s children.

  Despite being a King alongside Estolar, Empa wasn’t dating the Queen. Both he and Honi had agreed to allow him this opportunity so long as he stayed as Honi’s Husband. However, that didn’t stop the rumors of him being married to Estolar. And though he may still be both a King and a Deity, he still longs to finally meet his Children.

  Meanwhile, Estolar had allowed other Species to become members of Azure. These Species include:



  With the lower legs of a Bird and Wings for Arms, Harpies are mainly Female. They’re known to snatch up Food from people who commit Misdeeds. They are able to talk like Humans, but mainly act like their Avian relatives. In Azure, they serve the King and Queen by reporting on Malevolent newcomers.



  Wereavians can be simplified to being a Humanoid Bird. They can vary in types of Birds, like Werehawks, Wereowls, Werepeacocks and many more. They serve as Guards, Spies and Messengers of Azure.



  Sylphs are Air Spirits. Their Bodies are completely made from Air and allows them to become Invisible. Because of their Invisibility, they occasionally serve as Spies. Mainly, though, they are Servants to the King and Queen.



  Also known as Air Nymphs, Aurais are Nymphs that’re connected to Air and the Wind. Some are even considered to be minor Deities. They serve as Maids or Messengers for Azure.


Sky Elves

  As their name implies, Sky Elves are Elves that’re connected to the Sky. They have the ability to manipulate Clouds and their Air to their Will. Serving as Warriors for Azure, they can be strong and fierce just like any other Elf.


  Aerokinetic Humans

  Aerokinetic Humans are Humans with Aerokinetic abilities. Many are also able to adapt to being high in the Air. Due to this, they’ve been able to live in Asure.
After many years, a dark day came; King Storm had been killed by a Demon in The Winged War. Many members of Azure were outraged, blaming Estolar and Empa for King Storm’s demise. But despite the anger, Empa didn’t get involved.

  Estolar, however, did. Immediately arriving at the destroyed Heaven and in the middle of the War, she attempted to fight back against the Demonic Army and protect Queen Cer Vânt—or Queen Rain—from the same fate King Storm got. But unfortunately, she didn’t make it. A God Hunter snuck behind her and decapitated her, killing her instantly and eventually retreating with her head in their hands.

  Upon receiving the message of Estolar’s Death, Empa was saddened. But he still remained hiding in Azure.

  To this day, anyone who has entered Azure has never come back. Not even Empa has yet to leave his Kingdom to see the Children he longed to meet.

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