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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #7

April 26, XXXX

Because of the recent terrorist attack, the city is on lockdown until they can find the culprits. The cops and Avengers believe they are still in the area and checking every district and suburb. Speaking of suburbs, I remembered Charles Xavier‘s Institution was up here. I should visit him. When I first discovered my powers, my family and I thought I was a mutant. We contacted him and briefly stayed at his school to see if I was. Tried as he might, Xavier couldn’t find the X-gene.

But with my conversation with Doom, I know more about my powers. So, I should at least tell him. I managed to get there around noon and was surprised at how prestigious it looked after all these years. I took some pictures of the grounds before making it to the door. I rang the doorbell, and Hank McCoy opened the door.

Locale: “Hey, Beast. It’s been a while. Still rocking the fur coat, I see.”

Beast: “Barnabus, as I live and breathe. It’s good to see you, Lad. What brings you to New York?”

Locale: “Oh, you know, soul searching and sightseeing. I came across some new info about my powers.”

Beast: “Well then, come in and let us chat.”

I walked inside the mansion. Beast led me to a parlor room and told me to wait as he wanted to make some tea. I sat on an armchair and looked at the pictures in my camera of everything that had happened up to this point. Beast returned with some Earl Gray and had some. I told him everything that happened with Dr. Doom and me, including those infinity gems or whatever he said. Beast seemed quite alarmed by that part. He might have known about them.

Locale: “So, where’s the professor? Is he around?”

Beast (Putting down his teacup): “Sigh…He’s in a coma.”

Locale: “What happened?”

Beast: “Remember the Terrigen Wave that spread the world a few years back?”

Locale: “Yeah, I thought I was an Inhuman before believing to be a Mutant.”

Beast: “Thanks to The Avengers and The Inhumans, we neutralized most of it, for it was deadly to us mutants. If we didn’t band together to solve this issue, it could’ve led to a war between both species. One man, Maximus the Mad, wanted that war and knocked out Charles with a psychic attack. That madman is again in custody while the professor lies in bed upstairs.”

Locale: “That’s awful.”

Beast recoiled with pain.

Locale: “What’s wrong?”

Beast: “Jean…s-she sent me a psychic message…the team is in trouble.”

Beast dashed out of the room on all fours, and I ran after him.

Locale: “I can help!”

Beast: “No! It’s going to be dangerous.”

Locale: “I am not the same Barnabus when we met. I am Locale. What is one X-man going to do without some backup? The difference between an assistance and a hindrance is how helpful the aid is.”

Beast: “Very well. Let’s move.”


The Watcher: “The X-men, one of Earth’s greatest champions, were ambushed by the group that terrorized New York City a few days back, The Femme Fatale. Jean Grey and others are unconscious, and Cyclops and Wolverine remain in the fight.”

Wolverine: “Raaagh! You stay away from JEAN!”

Cyclops: “Logan, wait!”

From behind, Bloodlust whacked Cyclops out and grabbed him.

Bloodlust: “I have him.”

Mindblast: “Spectacular and now…”

Mindblast caused Wolverine a little psychic discomfort. She was trying to knock him out but was not expecting high resistance. Knockout had to finish the job with a good punch through a wall. The Femme Fatales ran with their prize. Why would terrorists want Scott Summers? Could he be the key to their plans?

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