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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #10

April 26, XXXX

I went upstairs to the regular basement. Mindblast was still unconscious as I grabbed a shard of window glass. I transmuted it around the spot Bloodlust was last seen. I threw a chair in the air, and like before, a bit of reality shattered, and I peered into the tear. I think I found her and dragged the crazy lady out. She didn’t look too good. Bloodlust was shaking and junk. Beast, Wolverine, and Cyclops brought up Knockout and Snake Whip. They seem a bit…I don’t know…taken aback by my fight up here. 

Wolverine (After whistling): “What happened here? Did that brain girl put the mental whammy around here or something?”

Locale: “I-I don’t know. I was put in some kind of illusion, and the next thing I knew, all these holes appeared, and she was KO’d.”

Beast: “Interesting, but it’s best that we keep going.”

We all carried a member of the Femme Fatale out of the castle after Beast called the cops. I told them I would head for The Xavier Institute while they talked to the Press. I didn’t want any more publicity for a while, and besides, I know how most people would treat mutants. Heck, that biker gang assumed I was one. I think stopping the terrorist who bombed NYC would be good for them. I soon made it to the school after acquiring temporary wheels. Bobby Drake was at the door and told everyone that I returned. Jean came at me first, asking if Scott was alright. I went over to the living room and turned on the news to give her the answer. The three X-Men were still talking about the situation with The Femme Fatale. I sat on a couch and finally got some sleep. I was exhausted.


April 27, XXXX

The Watcher: “Our traveler still slumbers as Beast takes a snippet of hair from him to analyze in the lab. He was talking on the phone with someone.”

????: “What have you learned, Hank?”

Beast: “This is most concerning. This sort of data was never found when he was tested years back. His DNA seemed to have changed in the sense that it had matured. And from what Victor told, the lad might be even more dire. I’ll send Barnibus over to you and send the data.”

????: “This will be fascinating.”

Beast: “I am afraid that I do not share your excitement.”

Beast walked over to a safe and unlocked it to reveal The Mind Stone. He closed the safe and locked it.

Beast: “Contact me and the rest of our colleagues about what you find.”

????: “I am on it.”


I woke up with more vim and vigor than ever since I started this trip. The X-Men were kind enough to let me have breakfast before returning to the city. After enjoying some grub, Beast said he had pulled some strings to get me a tour of The Fantastic Four‘s apartment at The Baxter Building.

Locale: “No way. I wanted to take a picture of it before the bombings, but now I am getting a tour of The FF’s home.”

Beast: “Yes, indeed. Think of it as thank you for helping us rescue Scott. Also, Dr. Richards wanted to see how your abilities work, especially since you perked the interest of one of his greatest adversaries.

Locale: “Well, thank you. I swing on by lickety-split. Ciao!”

I left the mansion to head back to the city to see The Baxter Building. On my way, I saw a puddle and transmuted it when I stepped on it. Then I slid by the road like I was surfing. The force was more intense. I never felt this strong before. I must have opened up some new power threshold when I pushed myself last night or something.


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