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Name: Evelyn W. Alexander

Alias: Eve, Alvin’s Wife, Whore, The Warden

Alignment: True Good


Species: Pyrokinetic Human

Age: 29

Personality: Calm, Patient, Stubborn, Benevolent, Cheerful, Intelligent, Kind, Sweet

When using Woman Scorned or suffering the side effects: Angry, Annoyed, Rude, Aggressive, Impatient, Belligerent, Violent, Murderous

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-Curious

Pronouns: Her/She/Hers

Occupation: Assassin


(Braise et Ambre): Translates to Ember and Amber


  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition
  • Pyrokinetic Regeneration
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Speed
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Durability
  • Pyrokinetically Enhanced Strength
  • Burning
  • Melting
  • Cosmic Radiation Generation
  • Cosmic Fire Manipulation
  • Flammable Blood
  • Fire Strike
  • Fire Defense
  • Fire Empowerment
  • Cosmic Fire Manipulation
  • Cosmic Fire Generation
  • Fire Absorption
  • Heat Absorption
  • Cosmic Fire Attacks
  • Thermoreception
  • Drought Creation
  • Firestorm Creation
  • Heat Immunity
  • Fire Immunity
  • Cosmic Heat Manipulation
  • Heat Generation
  • Personal Heat
  • Cosmic Flame Solidification
  • Cosmic Pyrokinetic Constructs
  • Fire Flight
  • Bio-Pyric Dynamo
  • Flaming Surface
  • Cosmic Fire Bomb Generation
  • Cosmic Fire Breath
  • Cosmic Fire Cutting
  • Killing Intent
  • Cosmic Fire Infusion
  • Bloodlust
  • Cosmic Fire Vortex Creation
  • Cosmic Fire Wave Emission
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Cosmic Fire Bolt Projection
  • Enhanced Beauty



Enhanced Athleticism

Enhanced Concealment

Concealed Weapon Proficiency

Stealth Mastery

Stealth Combat

Enhanced Combat

Enhanced Stealth

Enhanced Tracking

Assassination Intuition

Pressure Point Mastery and Combat

Ninjustu Mastery

Ju-Jitsu Mastery

Krav Magav Mastery

Dancing Mastery

Grand: Femme méprisée: Translates to Woman scorned…This transformation only can activate is she is 200% angry. When this grand is activated, she brings her very own temperature to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only can she use her heat for defense she can also she can use it offensively even heightening her Pyrokinetically Enhanced Condition. Though there are side effects to this as she can only use it for 15 minutes as the steam that comes off her body is literally her blood, her hair raising into the air along with a reddish-white aura around her are also things to look out for.

(Stage 1)

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(Stage 2)

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(Jet Punch): She concentrates her flames into a white-hot point on her fist and punches her opponent. On contact, a violent explosion of flames burst out of Evelyn’s arm, severely burning the target.

(Firewall): She uses her left side to generate a burst of flames that covers a large area. This is both a defensive and offensive attack. It can be used to attack multiple opponents and create space between Eve and her target.

(Blast!): This attack allows Evelyn to shoot a blast of fire at her desired target. This attack is quite powerful, as it damaged Alvin, and sent him flying out of the building.

Tag Combo(s): [/Cosmic Primordial\]: This tag team is between Evelyn and her husband. It starts off with Alivn blitzing the enemy while beating them to a pulp before passing them to Evelyn who uses her kick boxing to send the enemy back into the air. The couple then aim two of their most powerful fireballs at the enemy, blasting them making a huge explosion.


Cosmic Air

Cosmic Water

Cosmic Lightning

Her rage

Her husband

Her children


Critical Brain injury

Backstory: WIP

Extra Info:


Loves Dogs

Has picked up her husband on multiple occasions

Has 0 issue with the Rodwoods

Her ring is made from the bones of the last person to hurt her

Made a small star with her fire

Likes being called E-V

Likes making sculptures of people she has met

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