Original Characters

Eldritch Detective

Name: Derrick Lewis Nelson

Alias: Officer/Detective Nels, Host of Kelk’vhed

Alignment: True Good


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In Kelk-Takeover-Form:

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Species: Pseudo-Eldritch/Human Hyrbid

Age: 32


“Hate this job.. But hey, someone’s gotta do it.”

Caring, Rough, Secret Teddy Bear, Quick to act, Selfless, Skilled

Gender: Male


Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Detective


Kelk:Kelk is a Eldritch god who has teamed up with Derrick to stop his hybrid child. Think Venom and Eddie Brock


Culinary Mastery

Peak Human Gunmanship

CQC/Boxing/Wresling Mastery

Archetype: Detective:

Crimefighting Mastery

Criminology Mastery

Detail Detection

Encyclopedic Knowledge

Enhanced Calculation

Enhanced Intelligence

Enhanced Investigation

Enhanced Tracking

Interrogation Mastery

Logic Detection

Linguistics Mastery

Photographic Deduction

Psychological Mastery

Stealth Mastery

Surveillance Mastery

Symbiotic Relationship (With Kelk):

Item Storage/Psuedo Hammer-Space

Camouflage Capabilities

Parasitic Inheritance


Supernatural Strength (III)

Superhuman Durability (III)

Supernatural Speed (III)

Superhuman Stamina

Regenerative Healing Factor (Nigh-Absolute)

Offspring Detection

Constituent-Matter Manipulation/Generation

Digital Immersion (Klen only)


Empathetic Empowerment

Symbiote Assimilation

Immunity to ESP



Telepathy Resistance

Energy Absorption & Transference

Meta Fear Inducement

Menacing/Mesmerizing Presence (Depends on what a person feels when they are around or see him)


Divine Slayer, Transcendent Weaponry, Consciousness Shattering, Consciousness Grounding

Durability Negation/Ignoring

He cannot control his Presence, so meeting people can be quite hard

Those with Psycho Shield or Immunity are immune to his presence and fear

Those with Absolute Condition

He can be out smarted, Obviously

Eldritch Slayers

Sealing. If Kelk was to be sealed, his powers would weaken to a high degree

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

Kelk’s true height is.. well unknown, but his form when on earth and not attached to Derrick is 7’9

Derrick’s height is 6’1

Kelk has grown attached to Earth, enjoying the many cuisines they have to offer. His favorite is shrimp, fried shrimp

The KTF (Kelk-Takeover-Form) is a move they choose to not use, both tend to just stick with Kelk helping when needed from Derrick’s body or clothes

Derrick questions how an eldritch god has a biological kid, Kelk tells him “You’d die trying to figure it out, literally.

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