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Character Sheet #38: Velvet

Name: Velvet(?)

Alias: E8-7RI

Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawful Neutral


: 22(?)


  ..Take me away from this..

  Observant, patient and slightly laidback, Velvet is an enigmatic woman who has no known origin. She is usually viewed as dazed and tired when out in public and is overall seen as someone possibly beyond Human. But thanks to Nyx, she has slowly learned how to be ‘normal’..or at least what she thinks is normal.

  Velvet—despite her curiosity—is also aloof and slightly paranoid about her surroundings. She displays perfectionistic tendencies such as wearing the same set of clothes everyday and doesn’t seem to know the concept of independence. But despite all this, she has been able to make her own decisions and shows progress of becoming more self-reliant, although it’s still debatable on whether or not she’ll fully achieve it.

  ..12..07..unknown. That’s my birthday..I think..

Gender: Female

Sexuality: N/A (Unknown; likely Questioning)

Pronouns: She/Her

Formerly: Prisoner at Irongrasp Institution
Currently: Hitwoman

Class Rank: A

Goal(s): Due to her dependent and possibly obedient nature, Velvet lacks any Goals.

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

Weight/Weight Class: 122lbs (55.3kgs); Flyweight

Fighting Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
During her time in Irongrasp Institution, Velvet was trained in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ); a Combat Art focused on getting an Opponent to the ground in order to neutralize possible strength or size advantages through ground fighting techniques and submission holds. Due to this, she’s become a master of using Joint-Locks, Chokeholds and other Grappling techniques to force her Opponents into submission.


  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mastery
  • Observation
  • Grappling
  • Improvisation


  • Supernatural Condition (Type I; possibly higher)
  • Supernatural Senses
  • Constant State of Death/Retroactive Immortality
  • Hemopotent Regeneration
  • Blood Attacks
  • Blood Clotting/Stopping/Thinning/Marionette
  • Bleeding Inducement
  • Consumptive Possession (w/via Blood)

Techniques: N/A


  1. Stronger Opponents can match/overpower her
  2. Despite all of her Powers and Skills, she’s still Human and is still prone to injury, exhaustion, pain, sickness and death just like any other Human
  3. If an Opponent moves too quickly, she may not have enough time to Grapple them
  4. If something occurs too quickly and/or too suddenly, she won’t have enough time to improvise
  5. The more Skilled or Experienced an Opponent is, the harder it is for her to improvise
  6. Those with Supernatural Conditions 2 or 3 can match/defeat her easily
  7. Her Supernatural Senses are constantly active
  8. Her Supernatural Senses make her more susceptible to Sensory Attacks
  9. Her Supernatural Senses are highly prone to Sensory Overload
  10. Her Constant State of Death works as such; once a week, she will die by her chest exploding. This cannot be stopped either
  11. Her Retroactive Immortality takes up to an hour for it to complete. Meaning that she’ll be unconscious/‘dead’ until her Retroactive Immortality is complete
  12. Immortal Slayers can still kill her permanently despite her Retroactive Immortality
  13. Those with Immortality Negation can negate/disable her Retroactive Immortality
  14. Her Hemopotent Regeneration requires her having her Blood to regenerate
  15. Her Hemopotent Regeneration can be overwhelmed by excessively rapid and fast attacks
  16. Completely destruction of her entire body while he’s unable to use her Hempotent Regeneration will immediately kill her without the chance to regenerate
  17. Radiation can affect her on a cellular level and cripple her Hempotent Regeneration from within to the point of it being unable to function anymore
  18. Her Blood Clotting, Blood Stopping, Blood Thinning, Blood Marionette and Bleeding Inducement all work on others only; none of them can be used on herself by her
  19. Those with Blood Resistance may be immune to her Blood Marionette
  20. Those with Bloodlessness have no Blood for her to control with her Blood Marionette
  21. In order to possess someone with her Consumptive Possession, the person has to consume her Blood so she can possess them
  22. Those with Possession Immunity cannot be possessed by her with her Consumptive Possession
  23. Those with Control Immunity are also immune to being possessed by her with her Consumptive Possession
  24. She can only use her Consumptive Possession to possess the Living after they consume her blood
  25. Those with Indomitable Will are resistant to her Consumptive Possession

Backstory: [REDACTED]

Extra Info:

  • She’s 5’5 in height.
  • It’s implied that everytime she dies, she loses pieces of her memory. This can range from forgetting where she is to even not remembering her own name or how to count. Due to this alongside the fact that her CSOD can happen at any time, Nyx is usually either always with her or has someone guarding her.
  • She has been diagnosed with Amnesia, Hypoactive Delirium (a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of surroundings, with Hypoactive Delirium specifically meaning that one experiences reduced motor activity, lethargy, withdrawal, drowsiness and/or staring into space), PTSD and Selective Mutism.
  • As implied before, Velvet may not be her actual name. However, it was a name given to her by the Prisoner Guards while she was in Irongrasp Institution.
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