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Character Sheet #27: Kirvix

Name: Kirvix

Alias: Kir

Alignment: Neutral Good


Species: Raven

Age: 31

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Obedient, Humble, Sympathetic, Patient, Pacifistic and Quiet

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual Demiromantic

Pronouns: She/Her

Occupation: Maid


•Corvid Physiology
•Enhanced Condition (Type I)
•Enhanced Thievery
•Enhanced Memory
•Enhanced Intelligence
—Archetype: Supermaid
•Housekeeping Aptitude
•Maintenance Mastery
•Cleaning Mastery
•Culinary Mastery
•Undying Loyalty

•Those with Enhanced Condition 2 or Supernatural Conditions 1-3 can match/defeat her easily
•Cannot remember everything/everyone; she’s still capable of forgetting things
•Theft Nullification can counter her Enhanced Thievery
•Cannot steal everything with ease; some items may be hard or impossible for her to steal
•Those with Supernatural Intelligence can foolishly outsmart her
•Can still make mistakes despite her Enhanced Intelligence
•Is only loyal to Sybia; nobody else
•Her Loyalty can be corrupted and/or taken advantage of
•Loyalty could lead to overprotective then certainly an uncontrollable urge to kill out of protective and loyalty

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
•She’s 6’7 in height
•She’s a Personal Maid for Sybia.

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