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Hehehe, I forced him to make this

Name: Jackson Jonathon Lewis

Alias: JJ, LJ, Jack, Jack-Jack, Jon, Mr. Lewis, 4th waller, The Mistake

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: (But please, imagine his skin as darker, as he is mixed..)

Species: Electric 4th Waller

Age: It is unknown what his age is as my author forgot it

Personality: Uh, pretty much like deadpool…cept I’m not a merc ya know?

Gender: I am a guy…

Sexuality: …fuck you

Pronouns: His/He Him

Occupation: 4th Waller (I fuck up the 4th wall..like a lot)


4th Wall Awareness
4th Wall Interaction
Supernatural Agility
Supernatural Stamina
Supernatural Reflexes
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Balance
Electrical Enhanced Condition
Electrically Enhanced Jump
Electrically Enhanced Speed
Electrical Wall Crawling
Electrically Enhanced Strength
Red Lightning Manipulation
Red Lightning Generation
Red Lightning Attacks
Electricity Absorption
Electric Conductivity
Red Electrical Constructs
Red Electricity Solidification
Infinite Electric Charge
Electric Charging
Electrical Immunity
Personal Electricity
Electrical Regeneration

Grand: I can turn into thiiis
This contains an image of: Weird Creature, lie setiawan

Tekc(s): WIP

Tag Combo(s): WIP

Lightning Immunity
Lightning Absorption
Lightning Negation
Absolute Condition
My Author being a hoe
4th wall denying
Memory Manipulation
Memory Erasure


Extra Info:

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