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Character Sheet #26: Anubis

Name: Anubis

Alias: Lord of Death/The Afterlife King

Formerly: Lawful Good/Lawful Neutral
Currently: Lawful Evil


Species: Egyptian Deity

Age: 5,000

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Flirtatious, Sly, Cunning, Blunt, Semi-Manipulative, Hedonistic, Sadistic, Mischievous, Semi-Selfish and Prideful

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: He/Him

Formerly: Egyptian God of The Afterlife
Currently: Bodyguard For Hire

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

•Supernatural Condition (Type III)
—Archetype: Egyptian Deity
•Jackal Physiology
•Afterlife Deity Physiology
•Afterlife Embodiment
•Afterlife Lordship
•Afterlife Transport
•Afterlife Prevention
•Afterlife Border
•Underworld Lordship
•Underworld Manipulation
•Underworld Magic
•Underworld Beast Manipulation
•Death Deity Physiology
•Death Manipulation
•Death Inducement
•Death Recreation
•Death Sense
•Death Embodiment
•Death-Force Manipulation
•Death-Force Generation
•Death-Force Solidification
•Death-Force Constructs
•Death-Force Aura
•Death-Force Attacks
•Death-Force Combat
•Death-Force Absorption
•Death-Force Empowerment
•Death Magic
•Green Fire Manipulation
•Green Fire Generation
•Green Fire Attacks
•Soul Mutilation (w/ Green Fire)
•Incineration (w/ Green Fire)

•Targets may have to be either mortally wounded (beyond medical attention), dying and/or dead before they can be taken to The Afterlife
•Soul Anchoring is the perfect counter to his Afterlife Transport
•Life Powers can counter his Death Powers
•Cannot kill true Immortals or Absolute Immortals
•Those with Death Defiance can defy against dying
•Death Sense doesn’t work on his own Death; only others
•Life-Force can counter his Death-Force
•Those with Life Resilience are immune to his Death-Force
•Life Magic can counter his Death Magic
•Animancy can counter his Necromancy
•White Arts can counter his Necromancy
•Necromancy can come at a high price
•Robots and other Mechanical Beings are immune to his Necromancy
•Necromancy has no effect on Souls who’ve found Eternal Rest
•Those with Magic Resistance or Magic Immunity are immune/resistant to his Underworld Magic, Death Magic and Necromancy
•Anti-Magic is the perfect counter to his Underworld Magic, Death Magic and Necromancy
•Those with Fire Resistance, Heat Resistance and/or Fire Immunity are immune/resistant to his Green Fire
•Those with Soul Restoration can restore any damage he’s done to the Soul
•Those with an Eternal Soul are immune to his Soul Mutilation
•Those with Soul Anchoring and Soullessness are also immune to his Soul Mutilation
•His Incineration may not destroy those with Heat Immunity
•His Incineration is useless against those with Ash Resurrection

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
•He’s 7’1 in height.

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