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Character Sheet #20: Astrid Schmidt

Name: Astrid Schmidt

Alias: Ast/General Ryū

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Lawful Neutral

Appearance (Normal Form/Elf Form):

Appearance (Dragon Form)

Formerly: Elf
Currently: Half-Elf (Elf-Magma Dragon Hybrid)

Physical/Human Age: 24
Mental/Real Age: 34,000

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Semi-Cold, Distant, Wise, Curious, Blunt, Sadistic, Hedonistic, Belligerent and Cynical

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Pronouns: She/Her

Formerly: General of The Haíoug Army
Currently: N/A

Dual Swords (Shown in Appearance)

Dagger (Shown in Appearance)

The Golden Blade:

Slicers of The Depths:

•Half-Elf Physiology
•Magma Dragon Physiology (Partial)
•Supernatural Condition (Type II)
•Supernatural Hearing
•Supernatural Swordmanship
•Dual Sword Proficiency
•Sickle Proficiency
•Magma Breath
•Magma Attacks
•Magma Combat
•Magma Armor
•Magma Mimicry
•Lava Walking
•Heat Resistance

•Those with Supernatural Condition 3 can match/defeat her easily
•Ice, Water and/or Cold can counter her Magma and can temporarily slow her down
•Those with Lava Immunity are immune to her Magma Powers
•Can only resist Heat for so long before it becomes a problem for her
•Though she can turn into her Dragon Form anytime and on command/at will, angering her will still cause it to activate
•An Ice Dragon can counter her
•Dragon Gods can easily overpower her
•Dragon Slayers can kill her with ease
•Elf Gods can easily overpower her
•Her Coldness to others and her need to keep herself from attaching to others can make her seem harsh
•Her Vengeful Drive makes her put herself over others a lot

Backstory: Born as a Full Elf, Astrid wasn’t your average woman from the start. Her desire to reach to the top of the Power Pyramid was a dream she always wanted. As she climbed up, she became well-known and feared by other peaceful Elves. Soon, she met Helle Kjaer, the Elf Queen. And Astrid immediately fell in love with Helle. The two grew a deep bond as the two soon became married. And as Astrid was appointed as General of the Haíoug Army—the biggest Army available, everything seemed to be going good. But fast-forward 3 years later..and Helle was murdered in her own bed. Astrid and the other Elves were stunned and heartbroken. But that wasn’t the end. The few days after, a Hag cursed Astrid to become a Half-Elf: a hybrid of an Elf and a Magma Dragon. And this only made Astrid more cold. Setting off on her own, she attempts to find the one who murdered her love.

Extra Info:
•She’s 5’9 in her Human Form and 8’10 in her Dragon Form.
•The person behind her in her Human Form is Helle’s Spirit. She and Astrid still talk to each other.
•”Whoever you are, whatever you used to kill her with..I will find you. And I will make you nothing but bones and ash.”
•Theme: The First Stone

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