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Character Sheet #19: Radimir Dere

Name: Radimir Dere

Alias: Radi

Formerly: Chaotic Good
Currently: Neutral Good/True Neutral


Species: Human

Age: 28

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Semi-Paranoid, Quiet, Curious, Wise and Sympathetic

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: Part-Time Paranormal Investigator/Forensic Cleaner

Axe (Shown in Appearance)

Med Kit:

Briefcased Laptop:


•Enhanced Condition (Type I)
•Enhanced Investigation
•Forensic Psychology Mastery
•Necropsy Mastery
•Medical Mastery
•Paranormal Mastery
•Ghostology Mastery

•Those with Enhanced Condition 2 or those with Supernatural Conditions 1-3 can match/defeat him easily
•Isn’t exactly much of a fighter
•Some injuries may be too great for him to patch up
•Ghosts can visit the him against his will
•Some Spirits may not be benevolent, while others may try and trick him to do bad; some can even be Demons pretending to be Spirits
•Can become Possessed
•Can potentially be perceived/endowed with some kind of mental disability as a result of Mediumship, especially when/if the Ghost(s) makes itself/themselves only visible to him
•His Paranoia may cause him to look weird in front of potential allies
•His ambition to understanding Death and what relates to it may come off as creepy to others, hindering his chances at making allies

Backstory: Born in Kragujevac, Serbia, Radimir’s life was always odd in certain ways. His father was apart of the Police of Serbia, while his older brother was training to become apart of the Serbian Army. As for his mother..well, he never had one. At least to his knowledge. Whenever his mother’s name is mentioned by his brother, his father would always immediately shut down the conversation, as if to hide something or ignore her potential existence. This rising suspicion led him to believe that his father had potentially known about what happened to his mother. But as time passed, Radimir’s almost obsession with Death hit him with the interesting realization he’d never thought of before; when a person dies, what happens to them? To their bodies? Their memories? The lives they impacted? These simple questions suddenly led to a need for investigation. A desire to understand what happens after Death, as he puts it. And so, he started his quest to find out his mother’s fate and discover the life of someone who passed on. But let’s just say…it came at a cost he didn’t expect. What he’d discover is that his mother had been murdered a few years after he was born. Who killed her? He doesn’t fully know or truly care about that. But what he does know..is that he can see her. On the night he found out about her fate, he saw her…his mother..for the very first time. But not as a Body or as a living person..as a Spirit. A Ghost, to be precise. Radimir had a gift, in his mother’s own words. He had the gift to see the Dead and speak with the Deceased. That what was given to him in life; Mediumship. Was it a blessing or a curse? Radimir didn’t know. But this only fueled his passion for understanding the Dead. And that same night..his father died as well. Heart attack. And Radimir could see him too as a Ghost, able to speak with him as if he was still alive. Setting out on his own a few months after learning about his Mediumship, he left Serbia and moved all the way to the U.S, where he took the job of a Forensic Cleaner. His other job became a part-time Paranormal Investigator; one who seeks to know how Death works in its mysterious ways.

Extra Info:
•He’s 5’8 in height.
•Can speak English well and has a Serbian accent. He can also speak Albanian.
•He’s named his Journal ‘The Necro Phenomenon’. He considers it his only way to talk about his ideas on the topic and takes it everywhere he goes.
•He keeps in touch with his older brother along with his parents. They sometimes follow him wherever he goes.
•When it comes to others’ ideas on Death, he prefers to see it happen rather than hearing it. He’s a visual learner, after all, and will believe something more if he can actually see it.
•He doesn’t plan to stop at the idea of ‘Passing On’, as he likes to call it. He plans to discover the idea of ‘Coming Back’ and the possibility of ‘Dying more than once’.
•”The Fate of Man is something that we all don’t fully see. And I plan to see it all.”
•Themes: Still Feel and Ghosts

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