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Character Sheet #12: Cynthia Rodwood

Name: Cynthia Rodwood

Alias: Cyn/Dry Cryo

Alignment: Neutral Evil/Lawful Evil


Species: Cryokinetic Human

Age: 27

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Hedonistic, Cynical, Flirtatious, Sadistic, Semi-Aloof, Sly, Cunning, Wise, Egocentric and Prideful

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Androsexual

Pronouns: She/Her

Occupation: Hitwoman/Businesswoman


•Cryokinetic Human Physiology
•Cryokinetically Enhanced Condition
•Dry Ice Manipulation
•Dry Ice Generation
•Dry Ice Solidification
•Dry Ice Constructs
•Dry Ice Attacks
•Dry Ice Strike
•Dry Ice Beam Emission
•Dry Ice Blast
•Dry Ice Bullet Projection
•Dry Ice Combat
•Dry Ice Arts
•Dry Ice Storm Creation
•Dry Ice Teleportation
•Dry Ice Telekinesis
•Dry Ice Weaponry
•Dry Ice Healing
•Dry Ice Regeneration
•Cryogenic Blood
•Cold Absorption
•Cold Attacks
•Cold Breath
•Cold Slash
•Cold Combat
•Cold Constructs
•Cold Weaponry
•Cold Aura
•Cold Presence
•Cold Generation
•Freeze Vision
•Atmospheric Freezing
•Freezing Touch
•Personal Cold

Frozen Heart: Allows Cynthia to throw a Freezing Punch at a target, causing their heart to slowly freeze up. If it isn’t stopped quickly enough, it can spread to the entire body, freezing them completely

Dry Throw: allows Cynthia to fire Dry Ice at her opponents/targets by making a throwing gesture with her hands and/or arms.
Freezing Kick: allows Cynthia to focus her Cold Generation into her feet, kicking her opponents/targets with it.

Tag Combo(s): N/A

•Her pride/ego may blind her to a point where she may underestimate her enemies
•She can be easily bribed/manipulated with money or higher power/rank possibilities
•Is only at Supernatural Condition 2, so Supernatural Condition 3 can match/defeat her easily
•A Pyrokinetic Human, Plasma Human and/or Solar Human can match/defeat her
•Those with Ice Immunity, Cold Immunity and/or Thermal Resistance are immune/resistant to her Ice and Cold Powers
•Those with Transmutation Immunity are immune to her Freezing Touch
•Her Cryogenic Blood will Freeze anything it touches, including her Body; meaning that big wounds that bleed heavily with cause that are of her Body to freeze
•Fire and/or Heat can counter her Ice and Cold Powers
•If she uses her Dry Ice for too long/too much at once and/or if she’s emotionally unstable, she’ll begin to freeze

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
•She’s 6’8 in height.
•She’s the 4th Oldest of the 9 Rodwood Children.
•She’s dating Troy/Atlas.
•She’s a cigarette smoker. It helps her calm down.
•Her Cold Aura is a cyan-like blue in color.
•When using her Freeze Vision, her eyes glow an icy blue.
•”I don’t kill aimlessly, but rather within reason of my own thoughts, ideology and personality. I don’t harm nor hate the innocent; I harm or hate the stupidity.”
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