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Blood And Jaws: Part 2: In The Eyes Of A Watchful Man

***Warning: This story may contain violence, blood/gore (to a certain degree), language (dashes or stars will be used), angst (again, to a certain degree), hints/mentions of sex (although none is done within these stories), and more. You don’t have to read the story if you’re not okay with this content.***


   “Breaking news, Billings!” The news reporter yelled out as he appeared on the television, looking like he’s completely and utterly traumatized. “The Animal Skin Killer has been confirmed by the MMI to have killed a new victim! The name or age has not been identified, but yet Montana knows well that their state is in deep and desperate danger!”

  Aegis stared at his retro television while he listened to the news, still unfazed. All he did was smile as pictures of the victims’ bodies flashed onto the screen, all of their organs completely gone. His smile slowly faded into an unreadable expression before he turned off the TV, then looking behind him and at the wall that was covered in mythological paintings and displayed paragraphs, his smile returning to his lips.

  Walking towards one of them, he slowly reached out to hold the frame of an ancient beheaded wolf floating in the air endlessly, his curiosity growing.  His attention then turned to another historic painting of a fox with an infinity-shaped halo over his head, noticing the people appearing to praise it as if it was a god.

  He had always been fascinated by ancient or historical events revolving around a dark atmosphere. Whether it was a classic painting of the death god Thanatos or a drawing of the war goddess Enyo, he was more than happy to study every bit of dark and twisted areas of the past. This—and his past experiences with any type of wars, revolutions and massacres—led him to believe that a gray area was nothing more than just a blindfold of reality. There is only a such thing of black and white in his mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

   “Cadmean Ambrosia, Fox God of the 5th Demon Era…” He whispered underneath his breath. “Why did they kill you, my dear god? You were nothing more than a blessing…a guardian…that’s all you were. I promise to find you, but before I do, I need to show this world and it’s kind how it feels to lose everything…”

  Aegis then faced another portrait that was up on the wall. It was himself with a young child and two adults behind them, their faces cut off at the top.

  “And dear Fiacre Eli Basil.” He said aloud to himself, his wide smile slowly fading away as he continued to speak. “My poor sibling. I wonder where they are. It’s such a shame that they were immediately sent to foster care by our rude and uncaring aunt. I hope that I can see them again as well…”

  “Agent Aegis Panaima! This is Oakley, do you copy?” A voice suddenly yelled out into the air from a nearby Walkie-Talkie. “Again, this is Agent Oakley, do you copy?”

  Aegis spent no time picking up the device, holding down the talking button. “Yes sir, over.” He said in response, letting go of the button.

  “Have you got any updates?” Oakley asked from the other side.

  Aegis nodded. “Positive. Detective Damoni Alles has met me.” He reported sternly. “As she’ll probably write me down as a suspect of The Animal Skin Killer, sir.”

  “Go into hiding at your base for now.” Oakley responded. “Don’t go to work. Make sure that all the doors are locked. Mar, Zeek and I will come to you as soon as we can. But right now, Cadmean is in our care.”

  Aegis blinked, but didn’t question anything, nodding again. “Yes sir, over and out.” He said, then let go of the device button and set it down on the table, thinking.

  “Mr. Aegis,” Spoke a woman from nearby, her dragon’s blood-colored eyes staring at him. It was none other than Scorpius Thanatos, Aegis’s partner and his personal hitwoman. “Would you like me to just simply assassinate Damoni for you to get rid of all of your entire problems?”

  Aegis shook his head. “Not right now, Scorpius. If I do that now, then I think the police would even have a better reason to arrest me. But…you can do me another favor.”

  “And what is that, sir?” Scorpuis asked.

  Aegis looked back at Scorpius, smiling, then spoke. “Kill Jeff Harris, Fae Morn and Peter Adler.” He slowly replied. “That way she doesn’t have any help in this investigation…”

“But what about Damoni?” Scorpius questioned slowly. “What are you gonna do with her?”

  Aegis paused, thinking. “I’ll play the Like-Hate game with her for now.” He finally explained to Scorpius after a few seemingly long seconds. “I’ll use a little magic to get her to at least like me enough to where she trusts me, but yet acts her normal ways. For now—however—you do your job, and I’ll do mine.” He then pulled out a long, sharp-edged steel throwing star from a nearby drawer, slowly handing it to Scorpius. “Kill them with this.” He said, smiling. “This’ll be as easy as shooting them with a gun, but has less noise to make..”

  Scorpius nodded, taking the ninja star before walking out of the room, leaving Aegis to be all by himself.

  Aegis’s smile faded as Scorpius left, then he turned his head to stare at the decapitated wolf, chuckling to himself.

  “Lupus Ichor…Master Titan.” He chuckled softly. “Oh, you’re such an inspiration for me. You may not be a god, but you will always be my master…always..”

  A few seconds later, he looked towards another picture of a woman, her husband and their child. The longer he stared at the picture, though, the more his smile faded into an expression of vengeance.

  The woman was Lilith Alles, her husband was Jason Alles, and their child was—you guessed it—Damoni Alles. Jason was Aegis’s now Stepbrother-in-law, since Lilith was his Half-Sister. The two never got along, though, as Lilith would constantly tease and abuse Aegis physically, emotionally and mentally.

  And that’s why—from that day onward—the Alles family would pay in blood, screams and tears for everything that Lilith did to him so long ago…

  “Instead of twisted words, you just sat there in silence In wind burnt homes sighing rays from a sunset. And all I could hear was the sound of the wasp nest, my head made a home for the hum of the insects..” He sang, his voice filling with sorrow and anger. “I swear I’m a good man….I swear I’m a good man…”

Aegis finally stared at the phone, dialing a number before calling, listening to hear a response. “Hello, Blade.” He said slowly, his smile now sinister. “I have a job for you…..

•••To be continued…•••

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