Original Characters

Beast Woman

Name: Osada Suzume

Alias: The Beast Woman


Fandom Image

World: Boruto

Age: 24

Personality: Fun-Loving, Stubborn, Semi-childish, Immature, Caring, Happy, Joyful

Morality: Chaotic Good

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-sexual


Energy Absorption

Energy Amplification

Natural-Fauna Energy Attacks

Natural-Fauna Energy Aura

Natural-Fauna Energy Combat

Natural-Fauna Energy Constructs

Natural-Fauna Energy Generation

Lion instinct Mimicry

Claw & Fang Retraction

Feral Mind

Enhanced Healing

Ninjustu Mastery

Animal Intuition

Animal Empathy

Natural Disease immunity


Exploding Kunai (x19)

Fandom Image

Regular Beast Kunai (x23)

Fandom Image

Smoke Bombs (x10)

Fandom Image


Energy Immunity

Energy Absorption

Anti-Energy Manipulation

Energy Resistance

Overcharging can make her extremely feral

Absolute Condition

Severe heart injury

Feral Animals are harder to connect to


Extra Info:


She’s always looking for people to chat with

She has a best friend

She’s never really dated/talked to anyone but Kato, her closest friend since they were children

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