Action Realistic Fiction Romance

Writing your life (Sans x reader)

Chapter one: writing your life

“Ugh” you moan as you crumble your paper and you aim for the trash bin, but like all the others they have collected on your floor. You hold your head in your hands as you loan in irritation “Why won’t anything good go onto paper these days?” You hesitantly get off your comfy couch as you get off your comfy couch. You grab your coat and your boost and head out to go to the café. You think of ways to create you novelet you seem to be having trouble with. You think of “the war of ages” the war between monsters and humans but choose not to think about it. As you are on your way you see a skeleton walk into the café and you notice how his eyes shine a vibrant blue. You walk into a chair on you way in and it earns a chuckle from the skeleton you watched walk into the café know as grillbys. “Great…just great” you moan as you walk to the barstool next to the skeleton “hi” the skeleton says “uh..Hi” you say as you look at the skeleton you smile when you see his eyes again. But you also notice how shallow they look. You blush just only realising you had been staring at his through your thought. You blush as you hear a loud noise causing you to fall out of your chair literally “SANS!” the skeleton known as sans looks at you “hey uh bro? I think you burst the kids ear drums…” You blush as he holds out his hand to help you up. ” the name is (Y/N). And I presume yours is sans? Correct?” He looks at you and he nods his head. As you get up a lot more monsters come in and sit with sans and you give him a sad smile and you go to leave.

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