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11/14/2007, Log #2. Catagories

*This is a list of categories we place each subject in. Cleverly named the ECO-System by my good friend Dr. Lain. Each category shows which subjects require more care to which ones will have more power in the future..*

MONSTER/???: The species were the urge to play God got to much for some.. These are the ones who will require extreme conditioning.. possibly female attention as to quench would could become unsatiable bloodlust, anger, and power.. Gene splicing usually occurs with supernatural creatures. My son for example.. has Dragon Genes.. and.. that makes him the most powerful. Those who enter are usually given Psi-Bracelets and require Level X Clearance. Their powers and abilities are normal, and only get unique depending on what their other half is.


APEX PREDATOR: A downgraded yet still powerful version of MONSTERS. Gene-splicing occurs with, obviously, existing or extinct species of Apex predators. They require almost as much attention as MONSTERS do.. Clearance needed is Level S-Z..


**Before Alexander could continue could finish, a vile roar echoed through the halls. It was followed by blaring sirens and gunfire, with the screams of men being ripped to shreds.. But Alexander was calm, picking up his camera and walking over to a window and recording the carnage, along with.. his very own son**

“..This is what playing God gets you.. A son you can only control through brute force..”

*Alexander stared at his son, and his … monster of a son stared right back at him, blood of his co-workers on the boy’s hands.. Alexander began to pull a Psi-Braclet from his desk drawer*

*He pressed a button and to the ears of a normal human, nothing happened. But his son yelled in agony, covering his ears and slamming himself into the walls, before soon.. collapsing..*

“…I’d be lying if I said I hate doing that..”

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