Original Characters

11/12/2007, Log #1

*Hybrid Extraction Program, AKA, HEP.. Is a privately funded experiment were the fetuses of various women of various race, cultures, ect had their children extracted. Sadly, to have this experiment go well.. The women had their memories erased, along with family and or friends to keep secrey.*

*Each fetus is now being grown artificially..*

*The experiment was to see how far gene splicing between animals, supernatural creatures and humans could go..*

*It works by each day, we slowly add bits and pieces of DNA from animals, supernatural animals, heck, even extinct ones.. day by day, no matter how small the growth..*

“*My name is Alexander Chester.. and I am the one who started this, using my very own son..*”

*If this experiment goes right, they should show signs of their abilities around 5-10 years old. To keep things organized, we have a way of listing their strength and level.*

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