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yes i like tf2, but this isn’t a tf2 oc and I’m Neil’s stand in btw

Name: Scott Miles

Alias: Scout, Blitz, Speedy, Lil Bro

Alignment: Chaotic Good


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Species: Human

Age: 19

Type of Mutation: Physical

Power Level: 3

Personality: Confident and believes that has always believed he was destined for greatness, no sense of responsibility or humility, Jokester, sassy, quick-witted, cocky

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: His/He/Him

Occupation: Merc

Rank: None


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Threat Level: Medium


Athletic Speed: Speed is that of an Olympic athlete, enabling him to run at speeds of 32-36 mph.

Peak Human Durability: His body is enhanced to withstand greater physical injuries than normal humans. He has also withstood blows from superhumans, Even continuing to fight after being shot once.

Athletic Reflexes: Reflexes are similar to those of an athlete.

Athletic Stamina: Stamina is similar to that of an athlete.

Peak Human Healing: Wounds heal five times faster than average human rate.

Peak Human Immune System

Peak Human Longevity

Peak Human Endurance

Aim Dodging

Danger Intuition


Pain Suppression

Peak Human Senses


Trap Evasion



Parkour Skills: Is physically able to climb up any kind of buildings. He is described as not being a very experienced climber, but if he sees something he can climb, there’s nothing stopping him from trying. He can parkour two times faster than Most.

Spray Paint Skills: Has shown to be a competent spray painter. He paints on various walls and surfaces to mark his presence.

Parkour Combat

Boxing Intuition

Wrestling Intuition

Baseball Bat Proficiency

Survival Intuition

Intimidation intuition

CQC Intuition






Is human and can be killed

His Siblings 




Extra Info:

His older brother is in the FBI

Has a younger sister

Is the middle child


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