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Vincent Sinclair

Name: Vincent Sinclair

Alias: Hubby, Vince, Double V, Marylin’s Lackey (assumed), Boss, Leader

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Species: Enhanced Human


Personality: Chill, Calm, Patient, Violent, Loyal, Honest

Gender: Male

Sexuality: N/A

Pronouns: His He Him

Occupation: Leader/Founder of the Gang The Sifts

Brass Knuckles
ArtStation - Knuckle , Munkhjin Otgonbayar | Brass knuckle art, Brass  knuckles, Weapon concept art
“Nadia and Clara” 2 dual pistols named after his 2 younger sisters
Cool dual pistols | Hand guns, Guns, Guns wallpaper
ArtStation - Old Lighter

Enhanced Stealth
Enhanced Condition (Type II)
Supernatural Strength (Type I)
Enhanced Body
Enhanced Memory
Decelerated Aging
Bloodlust Empowerment
Enhanced Speed
Photographic Deduction
Enhanced Athleticism
Enhanced Hearing
Tranquil Fury
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Agility
Supernatural Stamina
Peak Human Senses
Enhanced Regeneration
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Combat
Peak Human Leap
Killing Intuition
Brawling Mastery
Judo Mastery
Karate Mastery
Boxing Mastery
Hunting Mastery
Mixed Martial Arts Mastery (Karate and Boxing)
Katana Proficiency
Axe Proficiency
Gun Proficiency
Enhanced Accuracy



Tag Combo(s):

Regeneration being Overtaxed
Absolute Condition
Supernatural Condition 3 and 4
Sensory Overload
Care for every single man and woman in his gang

Vincent was born into a family of Mercenaries and was raised to be the exact same. But, not saying that was a fail as he was pretty much a child prodigy, Vince didn’t want to be the greatest Merc in the world but the greatest gang member in the world, he wanted to trample over any other gang that opposed him. But not from how much he could sell, get, or kill, but by how he treated the ones in his gang, hell even some previous enemies find him and his wife to be some of the most calmest and patient people ever..so after a couple years of trial and error, backstabbing,, and blood spilling, He was almost there, just there lies one gang that stands in his way…”The Death Angels..”

Extra Info:
He has a…personal connection to the leader of the DA’s

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