Original Characters

The Wolf Of Hell

Name: Glain The Hound


Alias: The Wolf Of Hell


Alignment: Neutral



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Species: Were-Hellhound


Age: ??? (Said to be as old as Lucas)



“Lucas will meet his end to me.”

Serious, Untalkative, Willful, Determined


Gender: Male


Sexuality: N/A


Pronouns: His/He


Occupation: N/A


Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A



Combat/Weapons Mastery

Linguistics Mastery

Intimidation Mastery

History Mastery

Pain Resistance

Nigh-Absolute Will


Were-Hellhound Physiology:

Hell-Fire Manipulation

Supernatural Body

Supernatural Agility

Supernatural Durability (III)

Supernatural Endurance

Supernatural Reflexes

Supernatural Hearing

Supernatural Smell

Supernatural Speed (IIII)

Supernatural Stamina

Supernatural Strength(III)

Enhanced Mind

Enhanced Instincts

Predator Instinct

Enhanced Tracking

Supernatural Stealth

Enhanced Intelligence

Nigh-Absolute Regeneration

Compass Sense

Temperature Regulation

Anger Empowerment

Enhanced Roar


Muscle Mass Enhancement

Partial Transformation

Bodily Aspect Enhancement



Any Holy or Divine powers, as that’s all his weaknesses really consist of


Backstory: N/A


Extra Info:

Lucas, in a very gory attempt to stop Glain’s fire, shoved his fist down the hell-hound’s throat, and cut it off so it could block the fire.


He is stands at Lucas’ height


His loved one was an Cryomancer who tried ending humanity due to losing her child. She sadly died due to being stopped by Lucas.


He and Lucas have fought 6,999,999 times.


He lost his left eye to himself, doing so as a punishiment for failing his lover


Glains fire, even though it is hell related, can cause harm to a lot of supernatural beings and stunt healing factors

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