Original Characters

The Reject-Alpha

Name: Anthony


  • The Reject-Alpha/Fake-Alpha/Pseudo-Alpha/The Non Worthy (Lucas’ pack)
  • My Greatest Regret (Lucas)

Alignment: True Evil


Fandom Image

Species: Werewolf (Pseudo-Alpha)

Age: N/A


“I tried.. and I expected my all kind Alpha to at least PRETEND to be proud.”

Angry, Vengeful, Quick to bite, Intelligent, Calculated

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Family Alpha




  • Weakness Resistance
  • Dark Arts
  • Partial Transformation
  • Authority (Over Omegas only)
  • Magic Power
  • Bodily Aspect Enhancement
  • Muscle Mass Enhancement

Pseudo-Alpha/Lycan-Magi Physiology:

  • Supernatural Strength/Stamina/Durability/Endurance (III)
  • Supernatural Reflexes/Speed/Agility/Dexterity (II)
  • Supernatural Condition (II)
  • Peak Human/Enhanced/Supernatural Leap
  • Supernatural Senses (Hearing, Smell, Vision, Touch ect)
  • Supernatural/Magical Regeneration/Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Contaminant Immunity
  • Natural Weaponry (Claw & Fang Retraction)
  • Vertical Pupils
  • Wallcrawling (via claws).
  • Compass Sense
  • Smart Atoms
  • Predator Instinct
  • Temperature Regulation

Magically Enhanced Physiology:

  • Magic Empowerment
  • Mystic-Sensory Perception
  • Magic Mastery
  • Magic Scanning
  • Personal Enchantment

Weaknesses: N/A (WIP

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He stands at 6’3

Lucas still has extreme faith in him, hoping that he can change

He and Lucas have fought before, but each time, the fight was ruined/interrupted by either a younger Omari or Mask, sometimes even both

He holds an extreme inferiority Complex, which is what led him down this path

He is the only known wolf able to tank a full force punch from an enraged Lucas, managing to walk away with a broken cheekbone and heavily bruised face

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