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The Balance Code

The Balance Code

  Every and all things must end, for it’s a destiny to restart anew. Life must always die, and death must always live. A cycle that never breaks. A permanent circle of rise and fall.

  To whom had Death be felt, but not given, they must rest their heartbeats on their own day. Infinity itself can shatter like glass; to break the cycle is to break the torture. A state in which the Soul can never pass on, but the body and mind black in and out. A form of being in between the lines of black and white.

  Pain is the fuel for War. To suffer is to grow enraged. The cries of agony are forever permanent in one’s ears that have spilled blood. It is not of vengeance, but of service. A War is for change to become true. To have what has torn down hope bleed until their eyes have gone white.

  Numbness is the frozen feeling of nothingness. It is within this that nothing is felt. No scream can echo. No bones can break. No blood can reek. It is in numbness that’s in a gift by Death; to feel nothing is of a blessing and of a curse.

  Blood’s impact is thicker than running water. It stains all who’ve been around it. To wash off the crimson is nearly impossible without undoing the wrongdoings one has done. The crimson that flows through all must bleed through one day, for it all must stain what it needs to stain.

  Peace is a light that shines through the hopes of all, for it is a wish to the pure mindset. It must heal the stains of rage and sorrow, for it may grow into screams of War. But like it’s fellow part, it may be consumed by something that boils with envy and hatred.

  A Past is what has happened; something to never change. It shall always remain still for however long ago it’s been created. It may lead further into the Uncertainty of one, or lead into the Destiny of another. A voice that spoke nothing, but rather played until it’s time was frozen in history. It always impacts all.

  Future is the drive in all. To seek out what’s ahead and claim it is an instinct of all. It serves its time before it’s to come. A War may cry, but it has yet to march and strike. A Death may spark, but it has yet to croak.

  Justice is necessary for all. To protect those who’ve been harmed and punish those who’ve harmed in their sin is a matter of state; a state in which one must prevent another’s suffering no matter the costs. Is it an idea that presents itself with the two sides of a single coin; to help or to harm is a choice that can always change its pace. But with Justice comes Crime. The two must work together, or no light will shine.

  Tension is an action that cannot be seen; a tugging force that pulls back and forth. It creeks into the worrisome hearts of the Innocent Eye. It breaks the Love of something beyond the understanding of Hatred, for tension is the buildup of something meant to be beyond Destructive.

  Innocence is a Blessing; to be hidden from the Agony is a wish we all seek. To slander Blood onto the Innocent Eye is nothing more than a Death wish; but nothing less than a Curse. Blind to Rage is only obtained by the truly pure hands of a Halo. Only then can things as sick as Viscera be hidden.

  It is within everyone and everything that we must balance it all. To weigh one side is to break a cycle of His wishes. It is only when all bond together can balance and Peace restore. For its shatter into non-existence has been left open for all to fix.

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