Original Characters

Storm of Vengeance

Name: Tyler Baker

Alias: God’s Lightning, Storm of Vengeance

Alignment: True Evil


Species: Electrokinetic-Human

Age: 24

Personality: Cold, Stubborn, Violent, Easy to anger, Loyal, Belligerent, Angry

Gender: Male

Sexuality: N/A

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: N/A

Weapon/Paraphernalia: n/a

Archetype: Avenger:
Indomitable Emotions
Indomitable Hatred
Indomitable Rage
Indomitable Will
Inhibition Release
Killing Instinct
Enhanced Violence
Killing Intent
Intimidation Mastery

Red Electricity Manipulation:
Electrical Enhanced Condition (Supernatural III)
Electrical Regeneration
Electrokinetic Cloning
Electrokinetic Combat
Electrical Telekinesis
Electrokinetic Flight
Electricity Absorption
Lightning Redirection
Electricity Attacks
Electric Augmentation
Electric Conductivity
Electrical Constructs
Electricity Detection
Personal Electricity
Bio-Static Manipulation
Electric Aura
Electric Presence
Infinite Electric Charge
Electric Heating
Electric Shock/Zap
Electrical Bolt Projection
Electric Discharge
Electrical Beam Emission
Lightning Bolt Projection
Electricity Negation
Electricity Solidification
Electric Pull
Lightning Summoning

Electricity Negation
Rubber Manipulation/Mimicry
Silicon Manipulation
Air Manipulation
Electricity Resistance
Absolute Condition
His brother is the only one who can really get to him
Electrical Immunity
His thirst and constant search for revenge causes him to push away allies and those who want to help him

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
He is 6’0

He’s been butting heads with his brother for years but still cares deeply for his twin brother

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