Original Characters

Static Brother

Name: Oliver


Alias: Eroare


Alignment: True Neutral



Post attachment

(The static around it has a dripping effect near the chin)

Species: Demon


Age: 124


Personality: Scarily Kind, Sweet, Threatening, Benevolent, Belligerent


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Pansexual


Pronouns: His/He/His/They/Them

(He doesn’t mind)


Occupation: None


Weapon/Paraphernalia: None



Demon Physiology

Technology Embodiment

Video Static Mimicry

Video Manipulation

Dark Data Generation

Digital Constructs

Digital Form

Digital Materialization

Electronic-Media Jumping

Drain Video – drain video from television sets, satellite dishes and other sources of video.


Video Torrenta basic attack that fires a continuous stream of pixelated projectiles.


Narrow Bandtightens the stream of Video Torrent and increases the range. This upgrade requires


Bloodthirsty Bladesa powerful attack that hits a marked enemy with exploding digital blades.


Blade Flurry launches a larger number of Bloodthirsty Blades during each shot


Video Surgevideo variant of the dash move. It gives Him a pair of digital wings, allowing him to swiftly swoop across the city.


Supernatural Strength

Supernatural Durability

Supernatural Combat

Demonic Technology Manipulation

Supernatural Condition (Type II)

Supernatural Body

Mouth Manifestation

Facial Expression Manifestation

Prehensile Tongue

Technology Constructs

Hacking Intuition



Post attachment

(Those markings on it’s body imagine it looks like TV Static)



Light Weaponry

Divine Weaponry





Extra Info:



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