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Ry Ownder

Name: Ry Ownder

Alias: The Human God, The Perfect Human, Alpha Human, The One with no gifts, yet all the power

Alignment: True Good


Species: Human

Age: 24

Personality: Kind, Fearless, Willful, Helpful, Resourceful, Intelligent, Caring, Cautious

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Adventurer/Monster Hunter/Mercenary

Iron/Holy Silver Sword (In Pic)

Dagger (Left hip, in pic)

Potion Belt
Alchemist Druid Belt Floral Structure Bottle Holder RIGHT - Etsy
Basic Abilities:
Monster Intuition
Paranormal Studies Mastery (Via Ozze)
Bloodlust Aura
Killing Intent
Raw Power
Supernatural Condition (III)
Enhanced Regeneration
Enhanced Senses
Power fists/Legs
Indomitable Will
Psychic Resistance

Archetype: Monster Slayer:
Supernatural Combat
Greater Damage Effectivity
Monster Power Immunity
Monster Power Negation

Archetype: Adventurer:
Escape Artistry

Supernatural Exploration

Archetype: Alpha Male:
Accelerated Development
Boundary Removal
Combat Specialism
Enhanced Charisma
Indomitable Compassion
Indomitable Determination
Fear Immunity
Indomitable Will
Magnetic Friendship
Entity Bonding
Social Magnetism
Social Attraction

Archetype: Mercenary:
Enhanced Accuracy
Enhanced Combat
Enhanced Stealth
Enhanced Tracking
Enhanced Thievery
Hunting Mastery
Psychological Mastery
Body Language Analysis
Combat Perception
Intimidation Intuition
Killing Intent
Military Mastery
Police Mastery

Monsters Unknown to him and Ozze can prove to be an issue

An Alpha female will be able to possible match him in every way

Sensory Deception

Sensory Overload


Healing Erasure

Healing Factor Nullification

Irreversible Destruction

Survivability Reduction

Blade Manipulation

Speedsters usually catch him off guard

Memory Manipulation

He is resistant to Psychic attacks but not immune

Ozze means a lot to him, if getting her back through talking or violence won’t work, he’ll do whatever else to ensure her safety

He can still very much be exhausted or overwhelmed

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He never answers the question  of “How did you get so strong?”. Even if you were as close as possible he’d never tell

He’ll let almost anyone get onto his back or shoulders.

His favorite monster is a Wendigo

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