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Mysterium: Clocktower: Introduction



The Clock Tower is an international, self-preservative, and self-defense organization formed by practitioners of magic for the purpose of controlling and developing Magic. However, that aim has shifted to the understanding of supernatural phenomena such as Espers and Mages.

It has many laboratories and research bodies that seek to advance the progress of Magic, as well as institutions that transmit their secrets to the next generation. Although the emphasis lies on the pursuit of knowledge, the Clocktower also seeks to increase its own military strength and reserves the use of force to protect itself from entities that threaten its existence, such as the Holy Church, other organizations, supernatural forces seeking to punish mankind for meddling with areas that should not be touched, and individuals who hunt that which they consider taboo.

Now, Onto Its Origins!

The Clock Tower was created by Alladin, a student of Solomon, who was one of the people to found the Mage’s Association during 0AD. The association split into 2 separate factions as of 20AD, the Wandering Sea rejecting the modernization of magic while he decided to embrace it. The Clock Tower was officially formed in 500 AD.

The Clock Tower is located in the Smithsonian Museum.  Specifically, the museum is where the entrance to it is situated, with the Clock Tower and its facilities being in an alternate dimension. The Museum acts as an anchor to enter the dimension itself.  The Clock Tower was originally only in its headquarters in Washington, but in the hundreds of years since its establishment, and as it expanded, more facilities were added.


It is the largest magical fortress in history, protected by hundreds of defensive contraptions, and wouldn’t be destroyed even if the Earth itself was. At the deepest part, there is a special area called the “Bottom of the Bridge” where the Association confines many traitorous  watchmakers.  Due to a bounded field, the base is infinitely growing, always leaving more rooms and space for facilities and workshops.


Some of these defensive contraptions include things like Draugr which are summoned and maintained by a rune spell involving Dagaz: Rune of awareness, transformation and security.Raidho: Rune of travel, relocation and seeing a larger perspective.Ansuz: Rune of communication, true vision and the power of words and naming. Uruz: Rune of physical strength and speed, unlimited potential, tenacity and courage. Gebo: Rune of gifts, both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity, indicating balance, exchanges, contracts and partnerships. Raidho: Rune of travel, relocation and seeing a larger perspective.


The Draugr is capable of going through anything, partly due to its dual existence as an element of the physical world and a wandering soul, partly due to the power of the legends surrounding these creatures. At any time the Draugr can turn immaterial, phasing through whatever obstacle is in his way. No matter how dense or how thick the obstacle is, the Draugr will easily overcome it. What can stop the Draugr in its path are first class boundary fields and high concentrations of mana, as is the case with the highest grade of ley lines. It should be noted that the Draugr is only able to use its ‘astral’ form when moving into or out of a building or other places that are considered to be habitations or meeting spots for human beings. A curious conceptual limitation that is definitely not unique to it.


Far more dangerous in the immediate sense is the Draugr’s ability to telekinetically control parts of his body. Even though it’s quite an accomplishment to mutilate a Draugr, taking your eyes off of the body part could have lethal consequences as the number of opponents will keep on rising. Even tiny strips of flesh are a serious threat as they can easily enter the body and choke the opponent or inflict massive internal damage.


Another defensive measure is Blood Fort Andromeda which is  a crimson dome-shaped Bounded Field  around the area of operation. The barrier acts like a separate plane that completely cuts the affected area from the rest of the World, cutting off all escape routes for fleeing enemies. Naturally, from outside the Bounded Field, the area appears normal as usual and the red sky and dome cannot be seen at all, but the interior is stained with blood, as its name suggests. Victims within the barrier are quickly dissolved into blood as if they were inside a stomach upon activation, and its magical energy is given to the base. Those with a proper amount of magical energy or with knowledge of thaumaturgy are able to resist the Bounded Field.


The Londinium Barrier is a triple-quadruple final barrier. Rather than a simple wall like other magical barriers, there are triple barriers of four different types located at the exact same coordinates. The gaps in the barriers are plugged by the other barriers, creating something of a labyrinth. These gigantic walls are complexly tangled together, like a mass of cables, and constantly moving back and forth. If an intruder touches one of the walls, they will be drawn into the gap between them and crushed to death.


The barrier gives physical repulsive force to rules permeating the land and space, and uses aspects of national or regional character which work to distance outsiders. While she would have liked to compare it to the Eastern Dosojin, she reckoned that it probably originated with guild membership rules which forced members to protect the group’s secrets.


Attempting to untangle one part of the barrier will only get one tangled in another part, and forcibly pulling it won’t do any good. The structure has been intentionally randomized such that even its creator wouldn’t be able to untangle it, and enemies cannot make fixed correspondence tables using Gematria and other similar methods.The complex multi-layered construction is such that even anti-magic cannot easily break through. Shattering the surface layer with it would only drag the anti-magic inside quicker.  These are only a few of the hundreds and thousands of defensive countermeasures.

We will talk more about it on a later date but I shall now move our attention to one of its crowning acheivements.

Para-Psychological Phenomena


Psions ( “Thought Particles”) are non-physical particles that come under the dimension of psychic phenomenon, an information element that records thought. They are similar to Pathions in that Pathions are the particles which record emotions , while Psions are the particle manifestations of intention and thought. [Note: This is still at a hypothetical stage.]


Psions are used to explain all psychic phenomena ranging from telepathy to psychic elements. Now to go more into depth about this mysterious particle.  Psions exist in another dimension called Primum Mobile which is where the highest abundance of these particles are. Not much is known about this dimension as whenever we have tried to peer inside, the group peering  seemingly go  brain dead. The hypothesis we have come up with for why this happens is that the world of psions is like Plato’s Theory of form. A world so unlike our own that we humans can’t even comprehend it.


Psions like subatomic particles (Protons, Electrons, Neutrons) all have different “charges”. The reason for the quotation mark is that psions are not affected by electromagnetic phenomena so most likely some other force governs these foriegn particles. Psions which have a positive charge are called Pushions while particles with a negative charge are called Coions and neutral are called Psions. 


This is all amazing data but how exactly does this explain psychic phenomena? Based on the information in the other paragraphs all of this is retained in the other realm? It usually is but through something called a Nous these particles can escape the dimension. Nous are metaphysical channels which act as a sixth sense allowing them to sense psions while also acting as a Gate allowing Psions to enter this realm. However most Nous’ aren’t able to do both functions at the same time causing everyone to have the ability to cause psions to leave Primum Mobile but can’t sense it. Psions go under something similar to diffusion with Primum Mobile containing the highest concentration of Psions and they wish to go to the lowest which is the material realm.


Now Psions don’t have much effect on physical matter, however Coions and Pushions are a different story. Pushions have a repulsive force on matter which has been inferred to be due to the unique force which governs Psion dubbed The Odic Force. Thus when you see a psychic use telekinesis to push away people around them, you know they are using pushions. Contrasting them are Coions which have an attraction on matter thus when a psychic is pulling a soda to them this particle is involved. 


That explains Telekinesis but what about psychic abilities such as telepathy? Telepathy involves the transmission and interpretation of Psions.  Telepathic Communication, which is the ability to transmit information from one mind to another is accomplished by transmitting psions from one’s mind to another person’s mind in a certain structure. An example is a psychic person wants to tell someone I love you. They would take in a flux of psions and configure it into something like a code before sending it to the target’s mind. The target’s mind can’t understand the code and attempts to comprehend it. It fails miserably which gets you the message I love you.  Telepathic Perception, which is the ability to receive information from another mind knowing an opponent’s moves and attacks. This goes on the principle that people release psions which record thoughts. Espers use their gift of being able to sense psions to interpret the psions and “read it”.  Telepathic Manipulation, which is the ability to  manipulate the minds of others works by doing something similar to Telepathic Communication. By bombarding the targets mind with psions in a specific structure, it begins to completely bury and overlap with the previous psions.


Now how about things like Extra Sensory Perception or Teleportation. How do they fit in with the theory? For teleportation, since psions contain things like thoughts, it should also be able to record information which is somewhat proven in Telepathic Communication. Thus matter is converted into psions before going into a certain direction at faster than light speeds due to the users thoughts which they recorded telling them to. Psions then use the information on the users body to then convert everything back. For Extra Sensory Perception, this relies heavily on the second function of Nous which is to sense psions. The esper releases psions almost like echolocation except this happens both in the material plane and Primum Mobile. That dimension exists out of space and time meaning that since psions contain information, information on everything exists there. Thus when the psions come back to the esper, they gain information.


How about Psychic Elements? We’ve already established that psions carry information and thoughts. For example, psions could carry information on mathematics, biology etc. But something interesting is their ability to carry information related to itself and how it should behave. For example, it could carry information that it should behave like fire, or like the properties of water. However, they still have the properties of psions and behave under the Odic Force.


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