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(Ky)Mera J. Wolf-Majesty

Full Name: Kymera Jane Wolf-Majesty

Nickname: Mera

Alias: Princess Kymera, El Lobo Terrible Azul, Покер с лицом, Myrkvi Tunglsins, An t-Amadán Gan Croí, Separuh

Age: 19

Date Of Birth: September 12, 2039

Birth Gender: Female

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthplace: Keystone Island, Empire of Unity

Current Home: Madrid, Spain

Species: Hybrid (Alpha Werewolf / Yitin)

Weight: Average

Height: 5’8

Body Type: Swimmer Build

Eye Color: One green eye, One blue eye, the whites of the eye on the blue eye are black

Hair Style: Naturally Messy

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

IQ: Average

Strengths: Adventuring, Geography, Parkour, Combat

Weaknesses: Normal Magic, Romance

Talents: Dark Blood Magic

Bad Habits: Often tries to take the spotlight without realizing it

Pets: Nahesa & Nathair (2-headed ball python)

Family: Ky Majesty, Undecided Wolf, Zachariah A. Wolf-Majesty, Lupe K. Wolf-Majesty

Other Traits: Wolf ears, Elf ears, Black talon-like nails, String tail with a brown hair tuft on the end, Half of a broken heart mark on her cheek, grey feather wings

Creator Notes: I would be up for collaborating with someone using this character I also wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to use this OC for something just ask me first

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