Original Characters

Kyle Cartman

Name: Kyle Cartmen

Alias: Mr. Cart, Dr. Kyle

Alignment: Neutral


Species: Picnokinetic Human

Age: 26

Personality: Tired, Lazy, Intelligent, Resourceful, Cold

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Scientist


Basic Abilities:
Supernatural Condition (II)
Gravity Technology
Scientific Weaponry
Science Mastery

Picnokinetic Human Physiology:
Mass Magnification
Mass Reduction
Mass Regeneration
Selective Heaviness
Personal Density
Pressure Manipulation
Picnokinetic Combat
Physical Disruption

The effects of gravity and or telekinesis can still work on him if the user is strong enough

His Laziness and ideals that he is prepared for everything can back fire

Stronger Density or Mass Manipulators

His rejection of certain ideals, Magic being the only one.

Magic and Divine weaponry can both provide as combatants to his Scientific weaponry

Certain beings and powers are beyond his understanding

His rejection of magic causes some to be fed up with him at times

Extra Info:
His mother was killed by magic, which is why he despises it. He grew to not believe in it at all as various things could easily be explained by science.

He has mild depression and various phobias from his mom’s dead. Them being phobias of blood, certain holes and patterns, and love and friend ships.

He hasn’t been diagnosed yet but he thinks he may have mild depression

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