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Ky L. Majesty

Full Name: Ky Lee Majesty

Alias: Emperor Ky, Chaos Incarnate, Royal Wrecker

Age: 25

Date of Birth: May 14, 2009

Birth Gender: Female

Gender: Juxera

Pronouns: (She/Her), (They/Them)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthplace: Yitinnia, Yitin Civilization

Current Home: Keystone Island, Empire of Unity

Species: Yitin

Weight: Above Average

Height: 6’5

Body Type: Skinny

Eye Color: Blue eyes with the whites of the eyes being black

Hair Style: Naturally Messy

Hair Color: Dirty Strawberry Blonde with a black hair streak

IQ: Above Average

Strengths: Adventuring, Puzzles, Swimming, Researching

Weaknesses: Overly pink stuff, Cheese, Forgettable

Talents: Being able to cheer anyone up with just a hug

Bad Habits: Thinking of every possibility at every moment of every second

Pets: Chica (Kraken)

Other Traits: Horns, elf ears, black talon-like nails, string tail with a dirty strawberry blonde hair tuft on the end, black feather wings, fangs

Creator Notes: I would be up for collaborating with someone using this character I also wouldn’t mind if someone wanted to use this OC for something just ask me first



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I am the Emperor of The Empire Of Unity... I am also a weirdo but I own up to it

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