Original Characters

Guy too good at geometry

Name: Thomas ‘Ken’ Lewis

Alias: Ricochet, Ken, Guy too good at geometry

Alignment: Chaotic Good


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Species: Superior-Human

Age: 24


“I honestly kinda like it here.. I mean I could do without the attempts at shanking me though.”

Calm, Loyal, Protective, Skilled, intelligent

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Vigilante/Thief

Crime(s) Committed/Reason(s) for being Imprisoned:

Vigilantism (Multiple Accounts)

Theft (Multiple Accounts)

1st Degree Manslaughter (7 Accounts; The seven were all government officals)

Grand Theft Auto (Multiple Accounts


Various Boomerangs and Knives: Many of these were made by his sister, as the 2 made each others’ weaponry

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Enhanced Condition II/Supernatural I

Enhanced Accuracy

Enhanced Throwing

Geometry Mastery

Mathematics Mastery

Physics Mastery

Recoil Proficiency

Spatial Perception

Hacking Mastery

Myalo-Serum Induced Powers:

Body Supremacy

Enhanced Concentration Capacity

Accelerated Perception

Body Language Analysis

Emotional Intelligence

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Proprioception

Angle Perception

Enhanced Bodily Capacity

Clear Mind


Inertia Manipulation

Sensory Overload/ Sensory Deception/Sense Manipulation/Sensory Deprivation.

A draw back of the serum in his body is the fact depending on the physicality of the person. If the person is extremely intelligent, the serum will adapt more on the mind rather than the body. This is the case for Thomas, as his condition is

Supernatural I, still somewhat in Enhanced II

Distraction Inducement

Supernatural III – Absolute Condition

Awareness Distortion

Sense Removal

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He stands at 6’1

His favorite song is “Messages from the Stars.”

The only reason he was imprisoned was to make a distraction for his sister to get away

His cell is littered with numbers scratched into the wall

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