Original Characters


Name: Jīn de (Golden in Traditional Japanese)

Alias: Gideon The Taking/Collecting (Other Sins), The King of Avarice (Himself), Megalomaniac with a money Fetish (Wrath), Gideon (Name he took up, as it was Sloth’s idea)

Alignment: True Neutral


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True Form:

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Species: Sin/???

Age: N/A (Is in a similar position with Lust, where no one knows how old he is)


Hmm.. I strive to own everything, including the human race.. But, you know what they say: Baby steps.

Jin is a very eccentric person, always wanting to be flashy and ‘flamboyant’. He seems to be uncaring and forceful towards many people but, we can see that he is actually kind hearted. He tells his fellow sins to prioritize their lives first, second innocent people, and lastly himself. He is quick to act and is one hell of a fighter, being the only sin to sock Wrath straight in the jaw and daze her after what they did to Sloth..

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Owner of multiple Casinos, Clubs, Bars, and Restuarants


..It’s.. very complicated.. As he holds various weapons. He plans to collect, learn about and use every single weapon known to man kind. These are only some of the 3 he’s been seen using

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Nigh-Absolute Condition

Seduction Mastery

Supernatural Beauty

Psychological Mastery

Rhetoric Mastery

Sarcasm Mastery

Sculpting Mastery

Seductive Magnetism

Tantric Mastery

Sociability Mastery

Social Attraction

Body Language Analysis

Body Supremacy

Linguistics Mastery

Buisness Intuition

Supernatural Combat


Greed/Sin Embodiment/Physiology:

Absolute Buying

Absolute Contract

Absolute Thievery


Energy Absorption

Damage Amplification

Dimensional Storage

Greed Derivation

Greed Aura

Monetary Manipulation

Currency Generation

Quality Manipulation

Quantity Manipulation

Supreme Monopoly

Greed Constructs

Indomitable Greed

Auric Energy Manipulation

Gold Attacks

Gold Constructs

Gold Dust Manipulation

Gold Generation

Liquid Gold Manipulation


Chrysokinetic Combat

Gold Mimicry


His only known weakness are users of Charity Embodiment

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

He stands at 6’6

His VC is Ray Chase’s Tengen Uzui

He has tried all the foods in the world, seen every animal, ect

He loves being around people, being a huge extrovert

He never shows his true form as only those he considers on his level can witness it

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Kinda seems like someone my OC Zachariah would know