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Freak-O-Freak-Show Circus

////Freak-O-Freak-Show Circus///

Location: N/A

Date: 10/4/1999

*Silence overcame the.. very big room. Thousands of patrons wait in anticipation. Before any of them could get a “What’s happening??” a burst of smoke and sudden of the stage lights got their attention.. to 2 people.*

Hey sis, ya ready?”

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*The first clown asked, trying to keep their joy as they referred to the other clown, who had a smile that was as wide as can be*

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“Yup!~ C’mon! You got this sis!~”

*She started, almost jumping for joy*

*The first clown had fire ignite their arm and hand, blasting a beam of fire at the second clown. The audience gasped in shock, but they soon watched in pure amazement as the second clown was manipulating the flames.. BY BREAK DANCING. Her legs and body manipulating the flames into a big tornado. Adults and child both clapped and cheered!*

*The tornado was soon broken apart, and in the smoke came out 3 well dressed folks in these.. odd looking hats*

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*The male in the blue hat with teeth spoke proudly, twirling his hat*

“Hellooooooooooooo everybody!~ Ladies, Gentlemen, kids and whoever else!~”

*The one with the black hat with teeth carried on with the sentence*

“..And we are just, so so so so.. VERY happy to welcome you..”

*The woman with a feathered hat and the dark-skinned male both finished*


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*The audience screamed out in joy, clapping and cheering so loud it could be heard from miles away*

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